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If you could have as much land as you wanted, and money was no object, how would you landscape it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (37020points) September 12th, 2017

If I had the money I’d get 10 or 20 acres and make nature trails. I’d have a creek running through it, a water fall that the kids could play behind, caves and all kinds off cool stuff. I’d have a patio that slides out to reveal a pool. I’d have an outdoor patio / living area with a fireplace and ALL decked out.

What is your dream yard?

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A super big telescope. A dark sky preseve. An adult obstical course / parkour training area. Climbing wall and strawberry and random fruit fields. Bbq area. Super fast internet. The Real Fluther mansion. A science foundation and living quarters for scientists including those who flunked out of school, but still want to learn. Pasture for animals to eat and suvivor gear and and independent living supplies. A well stocked library both paper and digital media info.

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You’d have a library outside?

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@Dutchess_III It would have a roof. So would be indoors. Would have a 10 Exabyte cloud storage area. With all the worlds knowledge at the command.

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I dream about this so much, living in Boston. It costs millions to have a home with a yard here. In my current rental I have zero outdoors space because I’m on an upper floor and the folks on the bottom floor have control over the outdoors space.

I just want a garden. A little garden with native wildflowers that cater to butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds: coneflower, butterfly bush, honeysuckle, black-eyed susan, cosmos. I want to eat vegetables I’ve grown.

It’s gotten to the point where I have dozens of houseplants just to meet this desire of mine. Growing tomatoes indoors has proved futile, no matter how big of a planter box I use. This is the best I’ve got. I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I ripped up the floorboards in one room of my apartment and put dirt down and went shopping for seeds. It was such a happy dream.

If I could really do whatever I want, I’d get a little chicken coop and keep hens for eggs. I’d have a little koi pond and some bee houses. I’d have dozens of bird feeders and houses.

I don’t belong in the city…..

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Seriously @Mariah! Come to Kansas!

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I’d xeriscape with all the native plants I could get my hands on. No landscaping really. Just native plants/shrubs/trees. Maybe a few pathways. If I had as much land as I wanted I’d have as much money as I wanted and that would mean I could have a pool inside :)

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Natural forest being allowed to do what it does naturally, but with some paths or ways to walk through it, and not too many bugs. Ideally by the ocean.

The more money I’m allowed for this, the more land I will preserve as a nature sanctuary.

Minimal awareness of any neighbors or roads etc is a plus.

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Oh, I like the way you think @Zaku!

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I have 5 acres and it is enough. I have ½ acre of 50+ year old apple trees that drop more fruit than I can handle, 1.5 acres of lawn that needs to be mowed about once per week. 2 acres of woods that drop more trees than i can cut and split, and a one acre wild lot adjacent to the apple trees that harbors all kinds of wildlife.
It takes a lot of work to keep it all nice.
A lot of work…

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Sounds like you need some help! We’ll all come and help. Just make a Jelly House somewhere on your property.

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I host two big events here every year. Weeks before I do a big cleanup outside. I’d love to do that with a group. We’d have the fire pits roaring with just the drops from the woods. Some could be cutting. Some could be loading the trailers and dumping into the fires.
The fish pond filters need to be cleaned every 2 days. The fish need to be fed 3 times per day. I feed the fox and his family every night. Turkey get fed in the morning. Deer love the apples.
It is endless, but relaxing somehow.
A jjelly house sounds like a great idea.

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You are awesome @LuckyGuy.

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I will choose a region where truffle can be naturally grown and I will make it in to forested terrain with fruit/nut-producing trees. This place will be beside the sea and I will have my castle nesting right above the cliff that is just beside the sea. I can imagine waking up to the sound of sea, fresh sea air, beautiful scenery. Spending my spare time in the afternoon wandering in to the everchanging colorful forest (depending on season) under the enchanting orange afternoon light with my dogs harvesting naturally grown fruits, nuts, and enjoy hunting for truffle for the rest of the day. We can also hunt for edible mushrooms while on our journey. I will come home sipping a cup of tea and enjoy either the scenery the calm and peaceful sea or the magical and mysterious forest from the higher floor of my castle (well, any building will do actually but since money is no object…). The gentle sound of crashing waves will sing a lullaby for me at night. Last but not least, the entire area will be fenced with thorny electrical fences, and I have a large pack of aggressive doberman patrolling the the fences, ready to attack unsuspecting intruders. A safety precaution, if I can say so myself.

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Parking lot and shopping mall… With a great nature park inside?

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Just let me find a balmy tropical island, and have it all to myself. Pristine beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze, and some inland jungle to explore. I’d be a regular Robinson Crusoe. Until the first tsunami hit, and I’d be looking for some natives to kick me in the ass. What was I thinking? I should have bought that inner city tenement. Hey, yo chief! Have I got a deal for you! Beach front property, pennies on the dollar. Uh, don’t look now, but – how long can you tread water?

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@Mariah, come live with me! I finally have a yard, and I can’t do gardening anymore!
I want a garden very much. Also, the front yard is begging for a green thumb to flower it up so hummingbirds and butterflies will visit.

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I keep up with a half acre, more than that and I would want it all wooded and low maintenance. That said 100 acres or so of woods would be nice.

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I would just let things grow wild.

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I’d have some meandering paths through the woods. Benches would be here and there along the path. Maybe a small table with some chairs somewhere along the way, too. Maybe a babbling brook with a little footbridge over it would be fun. Maybe some stepping stones somewhere on the brook, too. A tree house would be put somewhere in the woods for hanging out, reading, etc.

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I would like a treehouse too, but I can’t climb anymore, so I guess mine would have to have a spiral staircase built around the trunk.
I would definately have bees, and the flowering plants to keep them fat and jolly.
I would have a Field I would name the ibstubro field, and have it planted generously with milkweed and delicious blossoms. I still can’t see a monarch without thinking of my jelly friend.
I think I would plant the entire perimeter of my property with fruit trees and berries, to keep would be trespassers from bothering to go beyond those goodies.

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@Patty_Melt or put a elevator in!

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