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For those that have seen Wind River - what did you think of the ending? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Asked by rockfan (14627points) September 14th, 2017 from iPhone

Also, if you don’t like the ending of a film while in the theater, do you ever rewrite the film in your mind after watching it? I constantly do this with movies that I find to have poor, rushed endings and that aren’t thought provoking. That’s what I did with Wind River


While I loved most of Wind River, I thought it turned into a generic vigilante film by the end, especially when Jeremy Renner’s character tortures the rapist without any remorse. It felt like Sheridan just wanted us to root for his actions without any moral ambiguity. I would have rewritten the ending to where Renner is actually trying to save the perpetrator (in order for him to have a proper trial) and is having a moral crisis in wether he should kill him or not, with Renner looking at his gun. But the perpetrator slowly dies in his arms as he’s going down the snowy mountain because of the cold. And Renner gets emotional while thinking about his daughter.

And I would have wanted the father of the girl to explicitly say that he doesn’t want Renner to enact revenge. Thus, the film still could have ended with the line “He went out with a whimper.”

Your thoughts?

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If it had ended as you think it ought to have ended, you’d be missing the point of the whole story: that “white” justice doesn’t happen on the reservation; that the people that l;ive there cannot trust it because it never happens.

Renner’s character knew from his own experience that the only way to close it out in his mind and in the mind of the father is to have the bad guy die in the same way the daughter did.

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Theoretically, I think Renner doing that makes sense in regard to the theme of the film, but I didn’t like the execution of the scene, it felt amateurish and exploitative. It didn’t have any depth and it wasn’t thought provoking. The audience was meant to cheer him on like mindlesss zombies and I hate movies like that.

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I enjoyed the film and had no issues with the resolution.
Justice was done in the Renner character’s mind, since he had no doubt of the man’s guilt. Moreover, there isn’t a court that could try this case due to loopholes in the law.
Many of the conflicts and dynamics, including a very similar plot, can be found on the T.V. show Longmire.

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