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What is it that sets you apart from the crowd?

Asked by imrainmaker (7889points) September 19th, 2017

Every individual is unique. Still according to you which is the quality that sets you apart from others? Is it personality, wit, humor , beauty or something else?

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I don’t think it works at that level. After all, if a person was unique for one and only one adjective, they’d hardly be unique. According to me, you’d have to spend a lot of intimate time relating to me before you’d have an approximately accurate idea what made me unique.

I’d also say that’s true of everyone. Some people may seem alike or that you can figure them out or pigeonhole them or know them completely, but I’d say those are illusions and that can only know as aspect of them.

We aren’t such things.

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Mmmm. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

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I am part of the crowd that doesn’t want to be part of the other crowd.

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Nothing sets me apart.

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My particular life experiences.

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I’m awesome

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I’m 6ft tall and have been called “striking” by many.

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My trying not to get noticed, gets me noticed.

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I’m 6ft5 tall and have been called “striking” by many. ~

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I’m 5’ tall and have been called…on my cell cuz no one can find me in the crowd, I’m too little. ~

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I play the banjo in front of a telescope.

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I’m 5 feet tall and have been called… short. It’s hard for me to stand out or even see out in a crowd!

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I guess size.
6’4 or 5 (I may have shrunk after knee surgery) and (a little overweight at the moment) 210 lbs.
Plus a couple of death oriented tattoos-seemed like a good idea at the time.
And a facial scar that interrupts an eyebrow and causes a slight eyelid droop. Not disfiguring, but noticeable.
I love sunglasses or tinted lenses.
I have been called “intimidating” by many.
But in truth, I am a pussycat.

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I’ve been told the way I walk and posture. I remember by screamed at and being smoked by a drill sergeant when first arriving at basic combat training, since apparently – which I was never aware or told by anyone till then that I bob my head up and down when walking.

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“What is it that sets you apart from the crowd?”

The crowd.

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Myself. I hold myself apart from the crowd.

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Which crowd are we talkin about?

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I’m 5 foot 9 and have been called striking by many.

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good for you! Death to management. I vow to man the picket line beside you!

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I don’t tend to do well with chit chat, platitudes and niceties. My conversations tend to get deep quickly.

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^^ Great to see you!

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