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How do you become a fluther mod?

Asked by YoungQuestionV2 (39points) September 19th, 2017

what is the process of becoming a mod on fluther?

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You don’t choose the mods. The mods choose you.

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I believe that you have to be invited by one of the current Mods, most likely the most senior Mod. They would most likely see something in you, due to the consistency of your answers, especially if they think you are fair minded and possess common sense, and are not prone to emotional outbursts.

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In the past, the Community Manager approached users about becoming a moderator. When I was on the mod team, and we needed more mods on deck, we met as a group and discussed options together. I imagine the current mod team would probably take a similar approach as needed.

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^I love this answer. It makes it seem like we have an office at “corporate headquarters,”

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@chyna hahaha! When really it was just a string of emails or chat room convos ;)

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You would have to be here for a while and know the culture of Fluther in addition to the other qualifications.

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It’s lovely that you would like to contribute to our community. That you want to do this is a big requirement. I’m sure the mods have noted this and will be observing your participation.

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I thought you had to go out in a forest and strangle a bear with your hands and then use its blood to paint Satanic symbols on your genitals and you would become a mod. But I did that and no mod contacted me, so that isn’t it.

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~ ~ ~That makes you a sick unit, not a mod ! !~~ ~ ~

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@Berserker, damn it! I was saving that bit of information until we had them really addicted. The problem with you was, you painted the wrong symbols on your genitals. I think you used Pokemon Go as your guide or something!

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Oh so that’s why I ended up in a Starbucks. Fuuuuck…avé Satani goddammit!

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“I’m sure the mods have noted this and will be observing your participation.”
He got banned.

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Okay, the Op has “left the building.”

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Oh… well… perhaps he shouldn’t have brought attention to himself! Funny! Probably a known troll. (Or perhaps they didn’t like what he tattooed on his genitals?)

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This is “V2”. He has been there using another account.

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I’m pretty sure I would be a worse mod than YoungQuestionV2.

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Just make sure you don’t use Ben Gay to paint symbols on your wiggle, or I guess I should say jiggle, since you are a female.

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The first rule of Fluther moderation is that we don’t talk about Fluther moderation.

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Two other key parts of the process are not deleting your account and not being banned. ;-)

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Well, don’t act like me. One of the Mods presented me with this.

Mods are very level headed and unflappable. Well, they act like they are. They don’t go around calling people douche bags.

You have to be here for a while too. You can’t just create an account and say you want to be a mod. You have to be here and prove yourself to be unflappable. And that’s really hard to do because there are some douche bags here! And I suspect I’m one of them sometimes.

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Which one of the mods is the current keeper of the sacred nekkid pancake recipe?

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Muppitish is one I think. He’s on this thread.

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I haven’t been a mod for a couple years due to grad school! ... but I cannot confirm or deny if I was privy to the pancake recipe while on the team. My lips are sealed.

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Can you tell us if the Jellies partaking were really naked?

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I was asked to be a Mod a year or two ago. I was really honored to be asked, but was so busy with life, I didn’t think I’d do a good job.

What surprised me about this was A) how truly honored I was to be asked. It took me aback how much Fluther meant to me and B) that I had such a high standard of what I thought a Mod should be that I really had to consider if I could do it properly.

It was really nice to asked.

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@cookieman it’s much more satisfying to be asked then to ask like this right?

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I’m pretty sure that if I asked the questions the mods would be rolling around, laughing helplessly! :/

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Having a personality trait which finds you taking a teeny, largely inconsequential bit of authority & allowing it to go to your head.

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^^We have staff for that!~~

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Terrible analogy i’m afraid, they know their place & their services are of great consequence how else is one meant to butter ones crumpet & buff ones brogues

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