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If you could go anywhere in the USA to meet 2 people, where would it be and why?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) September 19th, 2017

So in Colorado USA, There are 2 people that I want to meet. My best friend and my brother. ( one of them ) I really want to meet them!

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My Fluther friends. Just so many people that I can’t choose, including one dead one.

And there’s one US person that I really, really want to meet, but sadly he isn’t in America.

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Mimi… I am in America. :-)

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I would like to meet my granddaughter, but she doesn’t live in the U. S., which is one reason why I probably never will.

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The SO and I have a mutual friend from another website that we’ve never met. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and hopefully we’ll meet her one day.

The only other person that immediately comes to mind is a best friend from pre-teen days. Her family moved away, and we eventually lost touch. Countless web searches have been fruitless.

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I would like to meet Chrissy Tiegen in a hot tub in Hawaii. Twice, at least.

Or is this not exactly what you had in mind?

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@CWOTUS that’s actually good

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I’d like to vist a couple of jellies in Oregon. The scenery is wonderful and i am sure the conversations would be a good time. A real FlutherFest.

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There are several jellies I’d like to meet on the deck of @Espiritus_Corvus’s sailboat!

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^ I think we need to set it up! :-)

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One of my “win the lottery” fantasies is a private railroad party coach (or two or three!) traveling the North American railway system in search of jellies!

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I’ll bring some rope, and we can tie ‘em to the tracks.

Unless that’s not what you meant…

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