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For those of you that didn't live at home while attending school, who did your laundry?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (26505points) September 20th, 2017

This is more geared to those who attended school before the age of 18, but anyone who lived away from their guardians at the time is also free to chime in.

If you did it yourself, where was it done?

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I did!

I started doing my own laundry when I was eleven, after the firsr time I went to summer camp as a Boy Scout. So when I went away to college, I was already used to it and knew how to do it.

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I did it myself. There were wahing machines in our dorm. Since I was cheap, and lazy, I would wash clothes in my sink sometimes and let them dry hanging in the shower. After doing that a couple of times I would finally break down and use the washing machines.

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I did it myself.

It was in the Dark Ages, before the internet, and when long-distance phone calls were expensive.

After my mother died, we were going through some photo albums where she had stashed birthday cards and the like. We found a couple of postcards I’d sent home from a total immersion French program I was on the year I turned 15, asking for washing instructions for a few things. When I left for university a few years later I was a pro. I can’t imagine who else might have been doing my laundry after I was 13 or 14 (with technical advice from my mother).

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I did. I’m not helpless…

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I did. If I went home for a weekend, which was about once a quarter, I might take laundry home. It really depended on whether I had enough quarters the following week to do laundry at school. This was in college. Prior to that, laundry was one of my sister’s chores, though I did know how to do it.

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Oldest child in a single-parent home here. I was doing laundry before I had hair on my balls.

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Even when living at home as a teenager my chores were doing the families laundrey to alleviate the workload on my mother. We all pitched in to help .

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