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For those of you who have been taking various supplements over the years, have you reaped the benefits?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20511points) September 22nd, 2017

These supplements promise to build, improve and maintain health. If you have been taking them for a long time, can you honestly say you have seen a change/improvement? Do you think the supplement industry is just herbs and other stuff in fancy bottles?

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Good question. But there is no way to prove that I would’ve been worse off had I not taken the many vitamins I take.
I was taking a supplement for high cholesterol, Red Yeast Rice, that supposedly lowered cholesterol. I started it right after having my cholesterol tested and took it for 6 months and had it tested again. There was no difference in my cholesterol. It did not lower it. I quit taking it.
If there were a way to test all of them, I would say they probably do not work. But my grandmother, who died at 98 swore by them, so I take them.

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Late response but one time I had weird red spots which was schamberg’s disease diagnoses by the dermatologist. Spent a lot of money on expensive creams and it did nothing. Did online research and saw rutin and vitamin c regularly helped. Supposedly there was no cure but it disappeared after a few weeks of supplements.

I got HPV a few years ago, the kind that may cause cervical cancer. It was persistent and I had surgery but it didn’t help. My doctor recommended supplements like a multivitamin to see what happens. Several months later at the check up I was cleared. Not only that but my PVCs disappeared. I had akippwd heartbeats for several years anywhere from 10–20 per minute 24/7 which was terrorizing.

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