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What are the things that you can do for others?

Asked by imrainmaker (8065points) September 22nd, 2017

Other than monetary support what are the things that you can contribute to that can bring smile / happiness in lives of others?

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What you would have them do for you. Be a Boy Scout: Do a good deed every day with no thought of a reward for yourself. A random act of kindness.

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Being a better person so that I don’t harm anyone.

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Well I can NOT run over them when they do something really stupid in front of my semi, I think they appreciate that.

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Be a good example. Sometimes doing one good thing can be infectious and cause other people to help as well. It usually takes just one person to start it.

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Oh boy, it’s endless really…

Hold the door for them.
Say “Good Morning”.
Tuck someone in at night.
Not get mad when they’re wrong.
Hold the elevator door.
You do the coffee run for the intern.

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Oh my gosh I love this question.

I’m huge on compliments. Genuine compliments.

The other day the woman in front of me at Starbucks bought my drink. That made my day.

Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.


All of the answers above are good too!

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Be supportive in their dreams.
Be calm and try and understand the others point of view and be willing to talk about it.Because through understanding their points of view you understand where they are coming from and could help.
Give at least 24 hours before launching into an argument to calm the emotions where one approaches objectively instead of emotionalism.
Never leave a person angry, always calm the situation by stating that you both need time to think things over.
Smile at homeless people and look into their eyes to make them feel like they are not invisible and that they do have value.
Be kind and try not to hurt any living thing intentionally.
Realize that everyone has their problems to deal with and a little gentleness never hurt anyone.
Help someone when you see that they could use a hand in doing something ( doors,taking trash out,errands,etc) Think of oall the little things that YOU would like, then do to others as well.

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