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What could vomiting with no fever indicate?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44146points) September 26th, 2017

4 year old grand daughter has been vomiting all day, but has no fever. So strange.

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Food poisoning? Heat exhaustion? Does your health insurance cover a doctors visit?

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No heat exhaustion. It’s only be 60 here, and drizzly and raining. I think food poisoning comes with a fever because it’s bacterial.

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When my daughter was one, she got a virus and it was about 24 hours of vomiting and then diarrhea for a few days. No fever. I took her to the ER because she wasn’t one to get sick a lot, and I was nervous.

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I would say acid reflux, but kids don’t get that, that I am aware of.

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@jca no fever? OK. Guess it’s time for the BRAT diet.

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@Dutchess_III: No fever. Just puke.

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OK. I just don’t remember my kids getting sick like that without a fever, but…maybe I just don’t remember. They each had the 24 hour flu, and I just don’t remember.

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Everyone would be sick then.

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No temp? Something is in her stomach that may not belong there. So, her body is expelling it. Remember to offer her lots of water to help the vomiting along and replace the fluids she’s lost. Or it could be just nerves. She could be upset about something.

Best thing: If she continues to vomit after all the contents are gone and she is down to bile x2, get her to an ER. Little ones crash fast.

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I doubt it’s nerves unless there is something seriously amiss going on over there. She’s 4.

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Mixing orange juice with milk in your stomach.

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poisoning, either food or something else. Who have you pissed off?

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Car sickness. Eating food from McDonalds, or other industrial food. Eating too much. Eating and then standing upside-down. ...

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Not car sickness, food from McDonalds or eating too much. Eating and then standing on her head is a possibility, but I would think that would make one throw up once, not all through the day.
I asked Mom what she’d had to eat and she said she didn’t know. That confused me for a minute. Then I realized she goes to preschool half days, so maybe it was something she ate at school. Maybe orange juice and milk, as @kritiper suggested. Or maybe poisoned graham crackers.
Anyway, she hasn’t thrown up today and she’s eating OK, so whatever it was appears to have worked its way out.
I may go see her later.

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Go visit her and give her some gramma luv. Cures about any ailment.

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I’ve had that from
(1) the recent presidential election
(2) watching a Transformers movie
(3) eating my wife’s hamburger soup
(4) having an empty stomach for too long
(5) drinking egg nog.

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My guess is 24 hour flu.

Nothing staying down at all not even water? Like within 30 minutes of drinking she throws it up?

Could be food poisoning too.

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I’m wondering why she wasn’t brought to the doctor.

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Because we don’t run to the doctor for ever sneeze and sniffle @jca.

She’s fine now. A friend IRL and on Facebook, who live in Kansas City, mentioned in a post that her son had the same thing. Vomiting, no fever. Lasted 24 hours. Must be a new one. Must be the dread Whacko Virus. She didn’t rush him in to the doctor either. Nothing a doctor can do for a virus anyway except address the symptoms and take precautions so the child doesn’t get dehydrated, which any parent with any experience knows how to do.

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A concussion might do that. I see she’s okay though. That’s great!

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Other kids are getting the same thing so it’s just a bug.

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Crap like that is always going around schools been that way forever. Except I was always cursed with good health and seldom got sick.. Like on test days or report days when I wasn’t prepared.

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Yes, but it usually accompanied by a fever. This one was just odd. (I speak as a veteran mother and grandmother.)
Kind of looks like her little bro has it too. Just diarrhea, though. No vomiting. And no fever.

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