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Can I ask a question in a foreign language?

Asked by luigirovatti (2321points) October 4th, 2017

Like Japanese, for example.

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No. You may put the information in the other language in the details.

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Not when that question can easily be asked using English.

For example you ask about translation or grammar, then the foreign language is needed. But asking about which song you like can be done easily with English.

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Sure you can. Very few people will have any idea what you are asking and so the answers will be far fewer but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it if you want.

This is liberty hall, you can spit on the floor and call the cat a bastard.

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@rojo, is that true? I thought we were supposed to stick to English. Wouldn’t this be a spammers’ haven if the mods couldn’t read what’s being posted?

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Use proper English (no txtspk)

I’m going to assume that foreign languages are not allowed.

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Even if it were allowed, I doubt many people here would understand. I know I wouldn’t.

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Spiel schön @ragingloli

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Ma noi siamo permesso di rispondere nelle lingue oltre di inglese?

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Oui, vous pouvez si vous voulez ~

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[mod says] this question came up a few years back, and this is the conclusion that the moderation team reached. Moderators need to be able to understand the questions and responses that we are moderating. If your question is specifically related to language translation then there is more leeway; however, the question title, and the bulk of your description ought to be in English.

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I knew people would come in this thread and answer in different languages.
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