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Who is your favorite star of silent films? Why?

Asked by tabbycat (1808points) August 13th, 2008
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I like Harold Loyd. I liked the way his films were films and stunts not just stunty films.

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Buster Keaton. I love the way he projects a sense of serenity over boiling seas of comedic chaos.

say that five times fast

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Buster Keaton is cool, but don’t forget Charlie Chaplin!

The man was a master of physical comedy.

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Both of them were fantastic. There were always stories behind the stories to.

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Chaplin was a legend. Lloyd and Keaton were both amazing, but Chaplin was the only one who really, truly broke boundaries. he made more films, and was more consistent than both of the other two…

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Were there cinematographical boundaries in the ‘20’s? Each was a pioneer in his own right. I also forgot to mention Max Schreck in Nosferatu.

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I’ve wanted to get in Chaplin’s movies. Some say he is the funniest comedian ever. That was clip was hilarious.

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For me it’s definitely Chaplin. My dad had a collection of his movies, and they are STILL funny today! I especially love Modern Times, and in later life Monsier Verdoux.

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Gilbert M. ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson as the bandit in “The Great Train Robbery”

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Theda Bara. I love her name.

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