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Do you believe Matt Damon when he denies killing a story about Harvey Weinstein?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5451points) October 11th, 2017

Weinstein’s impropriety was an open secret in Hollywood, but was finally blown open by reports in the New York Times and New Yorker.

Meanwhile The Wrap Editor-in-Chief Sharon Waxman reported that when she was a Times writer in 2004, Damon called her on behalf of Weinstein to help get a story killed. But Damon says that this isn’t true and I’ve yet to see any evidence proving her claim.

But it gets worse many are choosing not to believe Damon based on no evidence but also vilifying all liberals.

What are your thoughts on this?


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I think it’s pointless smoke. Neither the left or the right hods the franchise on the high ground in matters of sexual impropriety.

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Yes, what Matt Damon did or din’t do is insignificant to me. I just want more and more women to feel safe calling out this kind of behavior and for there to be consequences for the perps.

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Edit: “didn’t”

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I don’t know who Weinstein is. Let’s see… (reads Wiki page) ... oh.

Ok now let’s look up what BBC has to say about Matt Damon and Harvey Weinstein… ok.

(The link you provided takes me to an auto-play video with annoying music titled “This poop pad will clean up your dog’s mess for you” – probably an ad before content. Not going there.)

The attempt to involve Matt Damon seems like an attempt to pull in a bigger celebrity. Doesn’t sound like there’s anything to it. Damon’s protestations about it seem consistent and truthful as far as I can see.

The “many” who are not believing Damon and “vilifying all liberals” is an all-too-familiar pattern of lowbrow behavior by people who disagree with views he’s expressed and are resentful a celebrity expresses opinions they don’t like.

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Who cares? Arguing about something inconsequential that might have happened 13 years ago—seems like a real waste of brain cells.

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Are you sure you got the right link? I am getting something about a poop pad.

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@johnpowell Oops I don’t know how that happened. I’ve flagged this to be re-edited. But here is the latest update on this story from only six days ago from the posting of this response.

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Well. By nature, I trust nobody. So, it wouldn’t shock me, if Damon had a hand in it somewhere. For things like this to go on for so long, I feel like multiple people must have at least turned the other way, if not flat out covered for Weinstein.
If true, Damon was probably kind of a victim as well of Weinstein using his power over others to behave in the manor he preferred. The same way he operated by taking advantage of his female victims.

I see the same problem here, but affecting the two genders differently. The women buddied up to Weinstein because of who he was. It couldn’t have been a big shock when he acted inappropriately to them. They largely allowed all of this for their own gain. And didn’t report it when it got out of control, again because of their careers.
The men who lied, covered up, or ignored the behavior were similarly shallow, and were motivated by their desire for fame and fortune.

There is simply a way things are done, in the elite levels of society. Older ,wealthy, powerful men pursue young, needy/desperate women. The women tolerate certain behavior by the powerful men. The powerful men eventually get what they want. Those surrounding the situation turn a blind eye. If someone breaks the cycle, then these lifestyles stop. Usually with embarrassing detail, and multiple victims finally coming forward.

I’m very sorry for Weinstein’s victims, I think he’s a scumbag, and those surrounding him didn’t earn much respect from me by being essentially a part of it all. But this is not an anomalous situation. It is a problem with society. Damon, Weinstein, and everyone else involved were just allowed to play this game, that should never be going on in the first place. Look at our POTUS. He’s a very similar man to Weinstein.

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I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I really don’t care.
Weinstein is a POS.
Damon doesn’t seem to be a misogynist, and he was deeply involved with at least one of the women claiming Weinstein pressured her.

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I don’t think anything one way or the other. Damon is a semi-celebrity. Celebrates get pulled in to shit, sometimes for no reason at all.

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^Who knows what the hell is really going on….

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@MrGrimm888 Well, it’s pretty clear from multiple reports of specifics what Weinstein was doing to many, many youngwomen. There’s no doubt about that.

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^No doubt there.

I’m just saying that it is a “normal” happening, due to people (men and women) prioritizing their careers, over their common sense, and/or morality.

It kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson’s victims. The parents of most of the kids were fully aware of MJ’s history with young boys. They looked the other way, to make money…
It was obvious….

This is how society operates. Yes. It’s terrible. But the wealthy /elite are able to do whatever they want. Especially to a person trying to come up in the world. As long as the world looks the other way, and people put themselves in positions to be taken advantage of by the elite, this will be common behavior. As it has been throughout history. Period….

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I believe him, he probably didn’t do that.

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