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Is it possible for soot and smell from the California wildfires to reach the east coast?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24292points) October 16th, 2017

Or would it all have been dissipated as the winds pushed across the US?

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In 1980, very fine volcanic ash from the initial Mount Saint Helens eruption fell on boats in Essex, CT, so I would say yes. Maybe in quantities not discernible without devices, but I definitely think the possibility exists. Particulate matter can be carried long long distances in the atmosphere.

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There is a visible trail of smoke from Napa all the way to Mexico.

But if you weren’t bothered by the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest this summer, Napa/Sonoma ain’t going to be a problem.

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the particulates maybe. But for the odor of smoke to reach a level detectable on the East Coast, those of us living on the left coast must surely perish.

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We experienced haze in Illinois from the fires for a few days about a month ago. I’m interested to see what responses you get.

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