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Is it possible for soot and smell from the California wildfires to reach the east coast?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22738points) 3 months ago

Or would it all have been dissipated as the winds pushed across the US?

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In 1980, very fine volcanic ash from the initial Mount Saint Helens eruption fell on boats in Essex, CT, so I would say yes. Maybe in quantities not discernible without devices, but I definitely think the possibility exists. Particulate matter can be carried long long distances in the atmosphere.

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There is a visible trail of smoke from Napa all the way to Mexico.

But if you weren’t bothered by the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest this summer, Napa/Sonoma ain’t going to be a problem.

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the particulates maybe. But for the odor of smoke to reach a level detectable on the East Coast, those of us living on the left coast must surely perish.

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We experienced haze in Illinois from the fires for a few days about a month ago. I’m interested to see what responses you get.

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