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Should I update to IOS 11?

Asked by Rarebear (25144points) October 17th, 2017

For IOS users only, obviously. I have the last IOS 10 on my ipad and iPhone. They work fine and I’m generally an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of guy. Is it worth updated to IOS 11?

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how would we know? The one thing I’ve learned is that if you don’t update, your devices will pester the shit out of you til you give in.

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@Rarebear not a iPhone user but I’ve heard that Apple has IOS 11.1 coming soon because there were problems for some people that updated to 11.0.2. The “if it ain’t broke” is true with phones also.

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Well, serves me right. I updated it on my ipad because I read that it slices bread and my favorite astronomy app doesn’t work. Awesome.

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There was a pretty major wifi security bug that was tossed out a few days ago. Apple says it has been patched. The thing is I don’t know if it is patched on iOS 10 yet. Apple is pretty good about backporting security fixes. The problem here is don’t think it will let you do a point release on iOS 10 if your device can receive iOS 11.

On my iPhone 6 the upgrade to iOS 11 was not great at first. I had a lot of problems. So I said fuck it and backed up my phone with iTunes and did a clean install of iOS and then reinstalled. A bit of a pain but the problems I had disappeared.

I would suggest upgrading. There were about 50 people on Reddit having problems similar to mine. But hundreds of millions people upgraded without any major problems.

And to be clear. I upgraded to iOS 11 through the software update mechanism on the phone. Then I noticed problems and backed-up and reinstalled and then restored the back-up. This worked fine.

My point is I wouldn’t do the back-up of iOS 10 before upgrading. You can still do it after you upgrade to iOS 11. Everything might go great.

And yeah… 32Bit apps are depreciated. So that sucks about your astronomy app. But this change to 64Bit only needed to eventually happen.

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@johnpowell I found a replacement app that actually works better. But it cost me 20 bucks.

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It sucks that it costs but developers got to feed their kids.

And the ditching of 32Bit apps has been contentious. It basically means that they need to include both 32Bit and 64Bit libraries in iOS. This slows shit down and uses more space on your iOS device.

Here is the thing. Your astronomy app could probably be converted to 64 bit in about a hours worth of work in xCode. For 98% of the apps it is simply selecting a different option in a dropdown when compiling.

But I think one of the goals of Apple with this change was to boot apps that haven’t been maintained in years. If they boot half the apps on the store it will create a better marketplace with requard to discoverabilty. Now your 64Bit fart apps will be the number one hit.

And here are the docs on the process.

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@johnpowell Oh, I don’t mind paying. $20 is super cheap for a pro-grade astronomy program. I’m used to paying a hundred or more. It’s just mildly annoying that I’m paying again for the same functionality I had before (I had paid for the first program that farted on the elevator)

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My wife accidentally upgraded her iPhone 7 to iOS 11. I don’t think she is using the new features. She says her battery life is shorter, but I found that the Arlo app was set for Background Update. I turned it off. I’ll ask her if it’s any better now.

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@RocketGuy Thanks. Keep me posted.

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My wife’s iPhone is fine now with iOS 11. The Arlo app Background Update was the culprit.

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@Rarebear – I updated my own phone. I see what could be the problem:
1) it turned on Background App Refresh for almost all of my apps. That’s a big battery waster. Arlo was the worst – 7 min on-screen vs 7 hours in background!
2) A bunch of 32-bit apps needed updating to 64-bit. If the phone is set for Automatic Downloads and Use Cellular Data for App Store updates, it will use battery power for updates while you are out and about.

Since I turned all that off, my battery drain is back to the usual level. => no other problems with iOS 11 so far.

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@RocketGuy Good call on the automatic updates. Thanks.

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I have one iPhone 6, and install iOS 11 immediately when it comes out. It works well until these days. About one month later, the battery draining fast, sometimes apps freeze. Just miss iOS 10.

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