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If you could live anywhere in the USA, where would it be?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4328points) October 20th, 2017 from iPhone

Looking to move soon, gotta leave where we are basically because cost of living has risen beyond our ability to keep up. I have been mulling over the idea that if people could choose to live somewhere that they can afford with resources that fit their needs, and around “good” people- where would they go? Where would you go? Why?

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Hawaii. Or Seattle. Any state on the pacific ocean. Not Alaska.

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Hard to beat western north carolina, north georgia and east tennessee. Asheville or Chattanooga are my top choices.

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Bend, Oregon.

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Within walking distance of Canada, if I have to be in the US.

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^^Why is it so?

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North Georgia is actually top of our list currently :)

And yes, we contemplated Canada, or Switzerland, Australia…. for now looks like we have to stay stateside

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Delaware county, central Ohio.
Thriving economy. High rate of employment. Reasonable cost of living.

Beautiful Spring, Summer, and Fall, and mild Winters thanks to global warming.
Close to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Adjacent to Lake Erie-no chance of drought in the near term. Speaking of Lake Erie, the best walleye fishing on the entire planet.

Three and a half hour drive to Windsor CA, in case you imagine that you would rather pay your taxes in loonies instead of dollars.

Close to Columbus, a city welcoming to immigrants, and very LGBT friendly, if that matters to you.

Governor, John Kasich, a curious blend of bible thumping conservatism and progressive sensibilities. Everybody is a winner!

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The Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. Or Portland OR.

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South Shore Road, Killdeer Island, Webster, Massachusetts.

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Holland, MI. We are making this dream come true in the spring of next year.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts. But I’ll probably never get back there except as a visitor.

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@CWOTUS —I use to go by there in 1971 and 1972 delivering imported car parts
on Route 16.—

I’d like to live in Hawaii.

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The coast of Maine in the summer and Northern California in the winter.

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Yeah, @Tropical_Willie, if I had my druthers I’d go back to the place and the time.

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I would like to say Hawaii, but I’ve only been there once and it was for vacation so yeah ha!

But I’ll go with Colorado. I’ve lived here my whole life, don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Im biased but I think it’s the most beautiful state with endless opportunities:)

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Austin Texas. My home town.

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The Pacific Northwest (Western WA or Western OR).

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Anyone wondered why the two answers that had Canada in them got the most votes?

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because it is the only civilised country on either of the american continents.

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Austin is our second choice (Mainly because friends) but it is saturated! Housing and jobs are hard to find. Did consider Roundrock, TX but I don’t think I am going to return to my beloved TX anytime soon.

Portland also seems to be saturated. I want to go somewhere that can grow with us.

Anyone have any views on Athens, GA?

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A drawback for Round Rock is that it is located in Williamson County. That little piece of Republican paradise north of Austin. “Go on vacation, leave on probation”.

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Martha’s Vineyard. Alas, I’m still limited to visits.

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It depends on what you like. Mountains? Coast? Plains? Lots of people? Few people? I’m currently in Coastal Carolinas and love it. There are jobs, there is some growth, and as long as you aren’t living right on the ocean, it is fairly affordable. People seem nice though there are a lot of transplants down here.

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