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What percentage of battery power is the right amount to recharge a cellphone battery?

Asked by Inspired_2write (6437points) October 23rd, 2017

I was told by the sales representative that I should wait until it goes down to 30% battery power before I recharge it as she stated that when one recharges recharges 1000 times and if I do it before it reaches that low that I will damage the phone?
What is the correct time to recharge without damaging my phone capabilities?

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Here’s a good article with a lot of information about lithium ion batteries.

I recharge mine when it gets down to 30%, and I do not charge it over 80%. I don’t use my phone excessively, and I can go 24 hours like that.

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I never bother with this shit. The battery in my iPhone6 is still going strong. I plug it in when it is low or I am going to bed. Even if you eek out a few extra percentage points of whatever metric you are using it seems like a mess to micromanage this stuff.

I will use the time saved to make a pizza from scratch. And if the battery does die it is pretty cheap to have them stick a new one in.

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I checked the booklet describing my new phone and it states that as it has a Lithium battery that is doesn’t matter at what % to wait to recharge it.
The first time I needed to recharge was when it had only 30% left on.
It took two and half hours to recharge.
NOW after realizing that it doesn’t matter when I recharge it I do it whenever I think it needs it and discovered that it only took minutes to recharge fully!
Thanks for all you assistance.

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