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What are your thoughts on this (Details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) October 26th, 2017

Saudi Arabia has granted its citizenship to a robot called Sophia. Here’s the link. What are your thoughts?

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Does she have to wear a hijab, niqab and burka? I think it is awesome.

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Haha..I don’t know. But she won’t mind I guess..)

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It’s nothing more than an absurd publicity stunt, and I predict that the mullahs will make it backfire on them… if the native-born non-citizens of foreign workers don’t do it first.

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What an odd country. Civil rights issues are ridiculous by modern standards (at best) there.

I bet it has more rights than women there…

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I am all for it.
Is it just a publicity stunt? Most likely.
Is it the right thing to do, nonetheless? Absolutely.
With the inevitable rise of Artificial Intelligence, Western countries must invariable come to the same decision, if their self-proclaimed enlightened values are true values, and not just a front to justify their perceived superiority over the non-western world.

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The big question is How does Allah feel about it.

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It is a very poorly thought out measure certain to bite the country in its ass. The ridicule will be unprecedented. The day may well come when such decisions will be required, but this stunt at this stage of development only serves to debase Saudi citizenship and reinforce the stereotype of Saudis as desert yokels with too much money.

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It won’t beat the ridicule we get because of our president. THAT’S unprecedented.

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I think it’s even more ridiculous than the usual conversations about artificial intelligence. It’s nonsense, and/or a joke.

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@Dutchess III The horror of it is that the deluge of stupidities from the fool has numbed us and the rest of the world as well. The fatigue from endless gaffes and fkups means that no one is shocked or surprised any more. Gaffes and fkups are now so routine that he’s boring.

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Yeah, but it’s also a little terrifying.

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