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Do you think it's in poor form to post something on Facebook about your rifle, along with a picture of your rifle, so soon after Texas?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46881points) November 8th, 2017

Some one on my friend’s list did just that. It was a female. Showed a picture of her very expensive rifle, all decked out in camouflage, set up to shoot.
I mentioned that the timing probably wasn’t right for something like that.
She responded “What? It’s deer season! We’re going to go deer hunting!”
I replied that I thought it was still in poor form so soon after Texas.
Then I unfollowed the post.

Do you think it was in poor form?

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No. She’s going hunting and was just showing off. It wasn’t like she was referencing the shooting in her post by mentioning it. Terrible things happen, but life moves on. I’m not saying we need to learn to get over things super quick or anything, just need to understand that one tragic event isn’t going to put a stop to things for even a small amount of time. Someone going hunting after an event like this isn’t in poor form. And neither is posting about it.

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I can see how some people might think so, and others not, depending on how used to guns they are and what they associate them with.

Should truck fans not post their pictures of trucks too soon after someone runs down people with a truck?

(Of course, some of us always find truck and gun posts a bit weird regardless of what violence has occurred recently.)

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I think the truck thing would also be in poor form so soon afterward.

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No. It’s only in poor form if someone wants to actually talk about gun violence.

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I’ve given up on trying to critique peoples’ tastes and actions. It would be exhausting, because there’s so much to critique.

With regard to your person: keep in mind that to some, the shootings in Texas were a glorious moment for the NRA and its supporters.

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I would never say anything about owning, or not owning, such a device on FB. I don’t want the data out there.

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No. What worries me is that she was boasting about an expensive item and would put herself out there for robbery.

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You were greatly off base, it’s hunting season. If you’re not a hunter you have no idea what a big deal it is. Based on your description that was clearly about hunting and not “showing off guns in the wake of a shooting.” Pull crap like that on my F.B. page and it’s sayonara. That’s right up there with the person I defriended who said that telling your kids to hug is “promoting rape culture.”

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No. Deer hunters are like that sometimes.
I have a neighbor who hunts deer and he couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to go hunting with him. (I’ve seen how he handles guns and he is a danger to himself and those around him!) I explained that I didn’t have anyplace to store the meat and I think he still didn’t get it…

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In the described instance, no. Maybe if she posted it on Deerbook…~

I’m of the opinion that we should try to not let these terrorist attacks change our way of life. If you want to judge a fellow American, or be mad at someone, focus that anger on those who perpetrated the acts, not someone who is just trying to enjoy life…

Should we be mad at Home Depot, because their truck killed people?

There are plenty of whacko fucks to be offended by on the Internet, who post things intended to be inflammatory.

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As long as the subtitle is not ” ready for church”...

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I don’t think so. Guns aren’t evil human beings are. If we had no guns, as was such before their invention, we still had murders and mass killings. All weapons have their good purpose, the mind of man is where the problem lies.

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I think it is in poor form especially so soon after the deadliest US gun attack in history.

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No, anyone who would post such a thing most likely is insensitive to the whole issue.

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