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What is the most prized possession that you regret losing?

Asked by imrainmaker (8213points) November 12th, 2017

It can be anything like item you received through inheritance / antique items or a good friendship or relationship that ended due to misconceptions if you want to look at it that way.

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my youth, but I dont dwell on it (much). I didn’t appreciate it when it was there which is a good thing. Otherwise I would have wasted it worrying over its inevitable disappearance.

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I don’t know if it was prized possessions, but I really regret losing a chai pendant from my grandmother, that my dad’s wedding band was stolen from my house, and that I didn’t take my grandmother’s good dishes when she died.

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My first acoustic guitar, it was stolen.

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My close relationship with one of my sons.

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Losing my older sister to cancer several years ago. She positively impacted so many lives be it family, friends, her high school students, church associates, and a smattering of others that happened to cross her path.

One example is when she pulled into her long gravel driveway to her country home back in the woods. A car was parked along the side containing two German travelers (here in the USA). Since she had learned German in school and lived in Vienna for a semester, she was able to ask them what they were doing and then invited them back to her home for the night. They were fed and slept near the wood-burning stove in the living room vs. camping down in their car.

About a year after her death, I ran across a website that posted about teachers that were appreciated. Several mentioned my sister. I sent them private messages to ask why. The responses painted a portrait of her personality. She held high expectations, and it wasn’t often truly appreciated until they moved on in their lives.

For me, rarely a day goes by where “What would she do or say?” doesn’t come into play. Even beyond death, she still guides me.

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The info pack that was sent to me when I tried out for the movie “Annie”.

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My wedding band. Had the date of our wedding inscribed inside. No clue whatever happened to it.

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My virginity! ;-(

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My old dog.

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@Brian1946 – That must be decades you regret losing that?:)

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There are a few.
A picture of my wife and I on our first date. It was lost in a move.
A letter from my father thanking me for helping him when he injured himself on vacation. My father died a few weeks later. Also lost during a move.
A collection of photographs, lost on the computer. I didn’t have back ups.
The photos from our last vacation in Alaska. The SD card was damaged in the mail.

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My shoes. Really hard to find a good big and tall pairs that are good quality.

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I lost a beautiful, antique, jeweled, silver cloak clasp. It was hand made, one of a kind and I think someone stole it. I’ve never found one I like as much to replace it.

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A pair of Vuarnet sunglasses.

I had won over $600 playing blackjack at the Casino in Monte Carlo, and bought some Vuarnets in a style not available in the United States. They fit me perfectly, and I looked good in them.

A couple years later they were in a backpack I left on a train when I was drunk. Losing the sunglasses upset me the most.

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Oh sorry what I lost not what is important to me. I lost a 14 bead bracelet that help me to control my time travel. It was the 14 stages of the cross, that was given to me by the Lutheran minister Lyle Mackenzie in Augustana University College in 2000 . One bead I think was solid gold. I wore it for years and It helped relieve anxiety and was something to me. I lost it in 2003 in Jasper National Park. Also the winning lotto ticket in 2003 That I bought with 52 weeks the same number. I lost in the third week.

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I had a lot of vinyl LP records from my childhood which my parents gave away—mostly to people who sold them at yard sales. Some are available on e-bay but some records are simply unfindable. Thank God for e-bay, but the songs and music of my childhood, never forgotten, are a part of who I am.

Disney, especially, had a lot of good records in the 50s, 60s, and were pressed into the ‘70s but will not release any of the Disneyland / mousketeer era records. Anyone remember The Space Alphabet or the WIlley Wonka and the Chocolate Factory records? What a vital difference they made—and I am thankful for the experiences. But I die a little every day for not having the records.

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My mother had a gold ruby circle pendant with green and rose gold accents. We all admired it, and she let me wear it for my wedding (as my something borrowed). It was stolen in a break in at our home. My sisters were all mad at me, not that it was my fault.

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My non- scarred up skin. I miss having perfect skin without scars.

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