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What's the best way to cook minute brown rice in the microwave?

Asked by rockfan (12970points) November 21st, 2017 from iPhone

I’ve tried many different ways, but haven’t found the right one.

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you put the rice in a pot/cup/whatever, you boil the water separately, then you pour the boiled water on top of the rice, so the rice is just covered, put a lid on it, then wait until the rice has absorbed all the water.

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Above is correct, but your question causes me to wonder, why the microwave? It is freakin’ minute rice, why not on the stove?

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One thing I like better about the microwave is it turns itself off. On the stove you can overcook or burn things. Once you have your microwave recipe down, you can set it and forget it.

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There is that, a practice I can appreciate, still, on the stove is so quick and easy, it doesn’t have to be watched long.
I have been buying frozen rice and vegetables in microwave bags. They are super handy, and taste great. I don’t know if they have a brown rice option or not. What I get is a dollar a bag, and contains enough to be pretty filling. I like to toss in some chicken chunks, or meatballs, etc.
Anyway, those are quick, and foolproof, and would be great for work lunches.

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I eat lunch at home right before I go to work, so I don’t want to bother with a pot on the stove. Using the microwave, I can cook the rice in the bowl I’m going to eat out of

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@Patty_Melt There is frozen brown rice. My mother has it on the shopping list when I shop for her. Which makes me realize another answer to this question, thank you.

@rockfan – Here is brown rice you can microwave in the bag:

Birds Eye Steamfresh Selects Whole Grain Brown Rice

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