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Wondering, what do you call your vehicle?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21179points) November 21st, 2017

Do you call it by the manufactures name?
Do you just say, my truck, my suv, or my car.
Do you have a nickname for it?
Like money pit, or rocket?

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Example, you are with a bunch of friends and decide to go some where, do you say let’s all jump in my Blazer and head out?
Do you say let’s all pile in my suv and get going?
Do you say let’s take the rocket and blast out there?

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“SHO” because it is a Ford Taurus SHO. Simple

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BB King, because it’s blue and I got it the day he died. Otherwise I just refer to it as “the car”.

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I will say, “let’s go in my car”.

The last car I had that I named was a 1982 Volvo I named Victor that I traded in for a new car in 1990.

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The Subaru

I haven’t had a car with a nickname in a long time, but I once owned Wanda the Honda and The Dolt (Dodge Colt).

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My bus pass..

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“My car.”

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“Noble Steed”, is what my girlfriend calls her bicycle.
I call mine bicycle.

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“The Truck” or “The Old Gray Ghost.”

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My wheelchair.

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“Desiree” – my truck.

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I don’t call it.
It never comes.
But it goes.

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I call it “the Tahoe”. As in:
We’re expecting a ton of snow today. I’ll take the Tahoe.
or, “Dick called. He fell off the road, again!, and needs a tow. I’ll take the Tahoe.
The Tahoe needs a oil change.

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