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Do relationships like this work out?

Asked by SergeantQueen (7247points) November 22nd, 2017

Relationships where, let’s say, the boy is a conservative and Christian, while the girl is more liberal and nonreligious. Is the only real issue being how they will raise their kids, and maybe political debates?

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It goes deeper and broader than that. It will color how they view being generous, how they may be forgiving of people. And it may truly bring into conflict whether they agree on decision making and roles in the marriage.

Many fundamentalist Christians adhere to the belief that wives are subservient to the man, and as long as the man supports the family financially and morally, he has authority. That authority even extends into who initiates sex and what sex practices are okay.

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Depends on how serious they both are about those views and how they extend to various issues (and how it affects their ability to give each other respect, understanding, acceptance, allowing, appreciation, etc).

In general, heavy religious and political orientations are often serious problems for solid healthy adult relationships.

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Probably not too well unless you’re willing to do the hard work before the deed.

Making any marriage is work, but if you would want to make a marriage like this work you better get a tremendous amount of couples counseling to work all these issues out in advance. Here’s a book to get you started and if you really apply yourself you might be able to get it all handled just using books like this. There are many available.

I picked this one because of the number of questions, it is also religious, and you can bet these sort of questions will come up if you marry.

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@SergeantQueen I think there is a lot more to that than how you raise your children. I agree with @snowberry you first need couples counseling. A lot of it!

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I’m not in a relationship like this

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Plenty of couples prove what is written above wrong. Depends on how strict people adhere to their beliefs and politics. For the most part, people don’t which makes such relationships not only possible but surprisingly common.

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^^ True. If one is a Christian in name only, but doesn’t really care about the details, it might work.

But why call yourself something if you don’t believe it?

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I believe relationships like that have the potential to be highly successful. The conservative would be a calming, directional influence on the liberal.
The liberal would have the understanding of how to liven and enrich the life of the conservative.
It would be best, however, for them to decide on some ground rules right from the start.

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As an atheist, I would rather not reproduce with someone who believes in an invisible man, and builds the framework of their lives on principles of said invisible man.

As mentioned above, a lot would depend on the religious person’s adherence to the rules of their faith, and ability to deal with “non believers.”

Lots of people simply identify as a certain religious type, but it’s just a formality. If that’s the case, there may be hope for them yet…

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