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Am I wrong for starting to dislike my boyfriend's family?

Asked by Jocyg1738 (6points) December 9th, 2017 from iPhone

So my boyfriend’s mom wanted us (my one month old daughter and I) to go over to eat at her house a few weeks ago since we weren’t spending Thanksgiving with them but I kindly declined to go because my boyfriend’s brothers including his step dad smoke weed in the house and will definitely not have my daughter around that environment. Not only did she get upset but also his siblings at the fact that I said that I wouldn’t go until they stopped smoking in the house. I know she’s my daughters grandma but I feel like she doesn’t respect my daughter or me at all and only cares about seeing her and not her well being. Because if she did she would understand why I will not take my daughter there. If I remember health class correctly when you smoke in a home the smell also attaches to the furniture, curtains, etc.

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No. Your protecting your family from druggies.

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^Yup. Protecting the family. Someone has to.

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Did you offer to have Grandma visit you? Did you offer to meet at a casual restaurant? Have you offered to meet at a mall, or park, or beach, or anywhere, so she can play and bond with her grandchild?
There are plenty of other compromises.
You are potentially losing a grandmother because of stupid stuff the uncles are doing and will likely outgrow.

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No, you can dislike whomever you dislike without being wrong. And, the intoxication, (illegality? depending on where they are), smoke and disregard are perfectly good reasons to avoid seeing them especially around smoke.

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I agree with the answer that you are not wrong in not taking your daughter to their house, but you would be wrong if you didn’t offer compromise locations, particularly, neutral ones such as those suggested by @LuckyGuy.

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