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How much your mental state affects your physical well being?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) December 16th, 2017

I’m not talking about extreme conditions but in general if you’re feeling sad / unhappy will it have immediate effects on your physical health? What is your personal experience in this regard?

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I suffer from depression, and I find that the biggest effect it has is that I become very lethargic. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I have no energy, and I cry all the time. It effects my health because I want to sleep all the time, and I tend to eat fast food because I don’t want to be awake long enough to make healthy meals. Working from home has exacerbated this problem!

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They’re very interrelated, in both directions. One unusual recent example that surprised even me (who already is convinced from many sources of the interconnections), was:

I was about to go on a long silent meditation retreat at a place and with people who were new to me, despite also needing to make progress at work, and having had some stored unprocessed feelings about various things. In the middle of the night before I was to leave, I developed serious symptoms of throat illness that were keeping me awake – fever, bad sore throat, sweating, etc., just like when I’ve had a bad flu in the past, which hasn’t happened to me for years, but did that night. I did some mental/spiritual techniques, and was able to get to sleep. The next morning I had barely any symptoms, and within a day or two (at the retreat) the symptoms had all vanished on a schedule that has never been so quick for me (nor in the sequence they occurred) with any flu I’ve had. I’m clear that these were caused by a subconscious part of me that was resisting the meditation work by trying to sabotage my attendance of the retreat.

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Well, yes.

I turn to food, thus my quality of life goes to hell because I gain weight pretty fast, then I feel even worst about it… I’ve had a very rough year, so I gained a lot of weight that I am now trying to get rid of.

Thank God I quit smoking, because when I used to and felt bad/sad, I’d smoke over a pack a day…

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They are interrelated. This does not mean that one can overcome a physical illness by just having a good attitude (it’s amazing how many people believe this) but certainly stress and depression take a physical toll on the body.

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If one feels invaluable to themselves then they will not look after themselves in a valuable way.
Once one feels bad change the scene , go for a walk in the fresh air and notice maybe for the first time Nature’s beauty.
It gets ones mind off of depressing thoughts somewhat.
Also it seems seasonal that people sometimes feel lonely….but even in a room full of people one can feel lonely, so its not the people around or not around you.
Change things up, go out instead of staying in.
Go to places that you normally wouldn’t go to…libraries, cafe’s,Bakeries,Hiking, biking, take up photography..start small buy a affordable ( don’t need expensive cameras to take good pics).Document what interests you photographed and share it either in person or online Facebook or another site.
Each one of us is a valuable person unique and special and meant for a vocation compatible to them solely.
Gravitate to where and when you feel happiest doing or going and that will open up possibilities to your particular interests or vocation, give it a try.

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When someone quits fill the void most turn to food.
Just find another healthy way to fill that void.
Get into healthy modes of living, hiking, biking,getting outdoors, even just walking around the block will get you out of your rut.
Good luck.

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@Inspired_2write Thank you! I already dealt with that struggle. It’s almost ten years since I quit, and at first it was just as you described it. I have tried to take control of my life, trying to be healthier at least, and accepting what I cannot control, hoping that it will get better.

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