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Is it inappropriate to mention food allergies at a fine dining restaraunt?

Asked by rockfan (12959points) December 18th, 2017 from iPhone

Just wondering.

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No it’s not inappropriate. It beats the alternative of having to be rushed to the hospital.

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Not at all. It could mean your life.

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Nope. If you’re allergic to certain foods, it’s up to the restaurant people to deal with. If they can’t help you, they’ll tell you up front. For example, a Cracker Barrel Restaurant manager explained to me that wheat flour is actually in the air, because they use so much of it. If you’re a celiac, you don’t want to eat there.

And of course, I assume that if you’re extremely sensitive, you don’t even want to go inside.

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Just don’t list preferences as allergies, and everything is good and understood.

A lot of people are “allergic” to onions, because they don’t like onions, or “allergic” to cilantro. The difference for the kitchen is huge in how they prepare something.

Definitely mention allergies, just don’t fake them.


This article does a better job of summarizing.

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The chef ought to be able to omit the offending food or slightly reformulate the recipe. That is the best then can do. Traces of the allergen might be floating around, which they can’t do anything about.

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It is the responsibility of the food service location to accommodate any allergy needs that its guests may have. Any reputable institution will have trained its chefs and service managers on allergen safety, and servers should be aware of any allergens contained in their regular menu items.
As mentioned above, most facilities can prepare meals “allergen-free, but not in an allergen-free environment.” Once you have been informed of this and your servers are informed of your allergy, you eat at your own risk. Chefs can omit allergens and prep on sanitized equipment all day long, but there is no way to completely guard against airborne particles in a busy kitchen.
If servers are rolling their eyes or giving you a hard time for asking about allergy accommodations, you should speak with their managers! They should be taking these concerns seriously.

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I would suggest that it is appropriate to raise the question when making the reservation and ask if there will be an issue with it. That way no one is put on the spot at the table.

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I think you can make sure not to order something which contains substance you’re allergic to. If unsure you can check with those taking the order or ask to confirm from concerned people in the kitchen!! If you can emphasise severity of the issue it can cause you they will definitely pay heed!

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@rockfan Is there anyone who said that it’s inappropriate? How can it be?

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No, not at all!

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Yeah..I totally agree with above comments. It’s your health at stake so don’t be shy to ask these questions irrespective of the settings. @janbb suggestion is also good but may not be possible to execute each time.

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It makes no difference whether the restaurant is “fine.” If someone has food allergies or sensitivities, the person should discuss those concerns in a discreet and courteous manner.

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It’s less inappropriate than not saying anything and then possibly dying at the table.

And yeah, a lot of people conflate their dislike of certain things, or some other minor issue with allergies. I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m not allergic to milk products.

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