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Where are all the Salvation Army bell-ringers this year?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30571points) December 23rd, 2017

I noticed that this year, the number of annoying Salvation Army bell ringers is drastically down. Like almost non-existent, at least in Atlanta.

Has the organization changed its solicitation policy? Is the unemployment rate so much lower that people don’t have the time to stand in front of stores?

Not that I’m complaining…

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We have them here in Western NY – in the freezing rain and snow.
I feel guilty if I walk past..

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At Walmart screaming Merry Christmas with a scowl on their face. Like that would intimidate me into giving them money.

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Maybe they’re in Congress with the other homophobes!

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@elbanditoroso Indeed! I have not seen many. At WalMart even, not many!

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They must be here. They are everywhere I turn.

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I’ve seen about the usual amount that I do in any given year. Maybe your local is just slacking.

Granted it may also be that their funding is down. Bell ringers aren’t volunteers, they do get paid for doing it.

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They must all be here.
I have seen more than I am used to this year.
Maybe they only go where people give money.
I am from the Midwest.
People here load them up.

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They’re all in central Mississippi ringing, smiling, and saying Merry Christmas

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