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Why do people remarry after the death of their consort?

Asked by luigirovatti (2863points) December 28th, 2017

This applies in the event that people have a real-love relationship.

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Perhaps they found love again?

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Because we’re human

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Maybe because they enjoyed the married life and love the companionship of a spouse.

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I can only answer in a personal sense.

If I die, I hope my wife finds someone to share her life with that makes her happy, that can help take care of and advise my children (however old they are), and share the load of all life throws at you.

If I’m gone, she doesn’t need to leave a space for me in her future.

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Your question indicates that you believe you only have one “love of your life.” Most people can love more than one person through their lives. I agree with what the others above have said.

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All relationships end. Once a spouse passes, they become a memory, they are no longer alive.

There is an old saying, “if you love someone, set them free”. A loving spouse does their best to make sure the other knows they can and should move on after the partner’s death.

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If they find real love again, why not?
Do you have a problem with it?

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Because of the happiness of being together with someone. If someone has experienced that, they may want it again.

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For all the same reasons anyone gets married; love, companionship, legal protection.

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Because “real love” is a bullshit naive concept that exists only within the framework of a current relationship.

People eventually feel the need for companionship when they are alone, whether they are because a relationship ended due to a decision or due to outside causes, and when they do they’ll find another person.

I know personally of only one person who never remarried until his death despite being widowed, and I am fairly sure he was not interested in relationships whatsoever.

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Are you trying to imply that once your spouse dies that your life must end also? If not in suicide, then emotional death where you neither give nor receive love and from then on you live emotionally alone and emotionally frozen?

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@Mircat:I mean when the people have a true love, a twin flame kinda thing.

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@luigirovatti Yeah, spoiler: That ain’t a thing.

Humans pair bond up to a point, we are animals that need social interaction to remain functioning and feelings of love are born out of shared experience and proximity. Given you can share experience and be close to anyone, you can find someone else. If you don’t, it’s more of a “won’t” than a “can’t”.

Cause one thing is to say you can’t imagine your life without someone, and another is to stick by it once they are ACTUALLY not there anymore.

If you don’t choose to lose them, but do, you’ll eventually have to accept that you did and move on.

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I’ve had 2 husbands that died. When I married the first one, I felt I loved him. In time, life happens & we grew apart mainly due to alcoholism on his part. By the time he passed on, we were barely speaking to each other. When I met the second one, it was a love unlike any I had ever felt. It was that deep & true love that we all hope to find!!! When he died, I lost any desire to bring another man into my life. He had filled that empty hole in my heart & I can’t imagine ever meeting anyone who can unlock my heart ever again. Of course, I’ve lived long enough to say that it can’t ever happen as I didn’t expect it to happen when I met the second one. Life has a way of throwing curves at us & I’ve only been on a couple of dates since the love of my life passed. He left me still feeling so loved that I’m afraid to let anyone else in that could possibly screw up my happiness!!!

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