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How do I get revenge on my 7 year old little brother?

Asked by Kit4Kat (8points) January 7th, 2018

He’s always hogging our Xbox, hitting me, coming into my room (even when I’m changing) and just being a jerk in general.

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Some wisdom from Jerry Seinfeld.

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He’s annoying, but this is typical for his age.

Don’t bother with revenge. Just protect yourself. For starters, lock your door before you start changing, or lock uourself in the bathroom.

Ask your folks to let you put a secure lock on your door that opens with a key. My granddaughter did that to keep her little sister out. It went a long way toward keeping the peace.

If a lock isn’t an option, jam a a door stop under the door when it’s shut. Or jam a chair back under the door handle.

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kick his little ass!

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You grow up. After all, living well is the best revenge.

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Only through love. Are you kidding? He is only 7 years old. Just let him be and support him.

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