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People who believe in heaven or hell -- Are dead people of all races mixed together in heaven and hell?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24541points) January 12th, 2018

Or are whites separate from blacks or Asians or hispanics or whatever?

What does your religion teach?

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There will be no race in heaven.

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I believe that you get your own universe after you die when you are ready. I belive that some people get to choose how to reincarnate in the practice universe. Your reality is what you make of it be it heaven or hell.

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If I were to believe, I would believe in there being different heavens, depending on your tastes. And different levels of hell.

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Christians believe our actual bodies are resurrected when Christ comes again—that our souls are re-united with our actual bodies. What age would probably be the prime of life, but no one really knows what age.

So yeah, we keep the racial identity we have in this life, and all races, nationalities, are in Heaven and Hell. Maybe in Hell we’re all very very red or charred black, Or, maybe in Hell we are changed to a race we don’t want to be. Imagine the disgust when we discover this, look at ourselves and say, Aw, shit!

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All I know on this is the story of how different races and languages started. God divided the people and confused them because they were trying to build a tower tall enough to reach Heaven.
So, I’m thinking that once someone has reached Heaven, they qualify for the privilege of being brought back together.

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One framework I subscribe to is like this:

Your “spirit” (here meaning your consciousness – the perspective that experiences things) isn’t your body and isn’t your ego, and experiences different lives as different people, races, genders, probably species, and also spends some time not in a body. Time may also be an illusion from a spirit perspective. The embodied ego experiences are something the spirit pays some attention to, but are not the same as the spirit.

So there’s no race to segregate by,

However, people who knew each other in one lifetime seem to frequently reincarnate and know each other again in later lifetimes.

Oh, and I think one spirit may also map to many people living at the same time.

Another framework I like (which isn’t actually incompatible with the above) says that we retain spiritual connections to our ancestors, both in life and after death. And as much as those people can be described as sharing a race, that tends to mean same-to-same “race” remains connected, even though it’s really about ancestry.

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There’s nothing like heaven or hell. Those are all imaginary things. It’s all right here and right now. You have to payback for your deeds here only.

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Something else I should have mentioned: Like anything in religion, ask 1000 people what they think about some aspect of “God,” heaven, hell, what-have-you, and you’ll get 1000 different answers, probably.

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Yes, all the races are mixed together: humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, even snakes.

Race is a human construct, not a Divine construct. So is resurrection at the Second Coming. To those of us Christians who believe we are experiencing heaven here on earth, with all the various hues of people, everyone is mixed together

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Like Christianity itself, Heaven has no boundaries when it comes to our physical bodies ie race. We are all spirit, joined in eternal worship for God.

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