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Can you fix a crushed (by a tree falling over it) fiberglass canoe?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) January 16th, 2018

Can anyone repair fiberglass? or is this just a lost cause?

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It’s a lost cause. It can be fixed but you’re much better off getting a new one.

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^^ Agree

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How bad is it? Cracked is one thing, holed is another.

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Cracked—a tree fell on it, so I haven’t yet seen, but scrunched and cracked in part.

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What I mean is, the tree is still on it, so I haven’t seen how bad it is, but I saw a crack in the boat.

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Yes. I have repaired broken fiberglass fenders on trucks.
Get some fiberglass resin, and some glass cloth, Grind out the crack some, using breathing protection, and a grinder, apply resin and one or two layers of cloth, apply more resin, let dry. Grind or sand smooth, fill low spots with more cloth/resin or body putty, Sand smooth, prime and paint.

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