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Would you try to explain your actions to others in this scenario?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) January 17th, 2018

This question is triggered by combination of a real life scenario and recent question over here. In a situation where you’ve taken a decision which may not go well with others but you know you’re doing the right thing; would you try to explain why you’re doing it to others or keep mum hoping that they will find it out eventually as you will have to reveal some personal things to them in the process?

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I generally don;t explain my actions unless it directly affects someone (in which case I tell them no matter what the outcome will be) or if I am asked. And if asked, I only disclose what is necessary.

I don’t try to rationalize or justify my decision unless pushed to explain.

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I’ve always been an over-explainer and it doesn’t necessarily serve me well; i am tyringto move away from that.

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I generally state that I have my reasons, and offer to explain if so desired.

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It depends who is not taking the decision well. If it is someone I respect and whose opinion I value I would most likely be willing to talk it out with that person. Otherwise I don’t feel as though I owe anyone an explanation.

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I agree with @ManicPixieDreamGirl. Depends on the situation and people involved. I tend to want to explain my rationale to people who matter. My sense of right and wrong is very strong, and it boggles my friends and husbands minds sometimes, so in those cases, I do explain.

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