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Where is the video of Trump taking the cognitive test (MOCA)?

Asked by flo (11354points) January 17th, 2018

Someone was saying ”If he took the test….”

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I demand his original, long form mental health certificate.

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We only have his Doctor’s statement that he passed a cognitive test. Any such test would be kept private unless the patient released it.

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Aren’t doctors’ cognitive tests things like:

What is your name?
What year is it?
Who is President of the United States?

That only indicate you haven’t been hit on the head recently?

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President Trump requested the test himself, in response to allegations of unfitness.
The test is not ordinarily included in the physical.
The doctor stated that the test he used was more strenuous than most, but Mr. Trump passed it easily.

The test includes being given a series of numbers and being able to repeat them back in correct order, being given a series of random words, and after a few minutes be able to remember them, be given a picture and be able to draw a duplicate.
It sounds simple, but I took a test like that after a head injury. It starts out easy, but after a while there is a lot of pressure, wondering if you remembered the right numbers, or only thought you did, and such. Just going through it is a commitment.

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I’m certain we are now all reassured, and our suspicions have been laid to rest.

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does this mean that he was only pretending to be a moron?

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Could be.
I wonder how moronic any of us would seem if we were suddenly in front of the nation.
This is how different it looks when we elect someone who doesn’t have their image polished and prepared by a staff to look “political”.

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@Patty_Melt Or maybe it’s how it looks when we elect someone who isn’t qualified to be President of the United States (especially when we keep in mind that acting like a statesman is part of the job). I fully admit that I would probably look completely moronic if I suddenly found myself in front of the nation. I might even look as moronic as Trump. But unlike our current president, I’ve never claimed to be fit for the highest office in the land.

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@Patty_Melt That is the same test they use for Alzheimer’s

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I don’t think concussions or short-term memory lapses are the type of mental unfitness he’s generally been accused of.

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While we are on the subject, does anybody believe that Trump only weighs 239 pounds? He is 6 foot 3 with a rather noticeable paunch.

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Seems like everyone is falling for his act, it’s pure manipulation, meanwhile he’s laughing all the way to the bank with Apple and the DOW, etc… No, I’m not falling for this act at all.

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The MoCA test is a one-page 30-point test administered in approximately 10 minutes.[2] The test and administration instructions are available for clinicians online. The test is available in 55 languages and dialects. There are alternate forms designed for use in longitudinal settings. There is also a basic form to test illiterate subjects or those with lower education.

In this clock drawing task, the subject is asked to draw a clock with the hours and showing the time 2:30. Successive results show a deterioration of pattern processing ability in a subject as they progress from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to severe Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
The MoCA assesses several cognitive domains:

The short-term memory recall task (5 points) involves two learning trials of five nouns and delayed recall after approximately five minutes.
Visuospatial abilities are assessed using a clock-drawing task (3 points) and a three-dimensional cube copy (1 point).
Multiple aspects of executive functions are assessed using an alternation task adapted from the trail-making B task (1 point), a phonemic fluency task (1 point), and a two-item verbal abstraction task (2 points).
Attention, concentration, and working memory are evaluated using a sustained attention task (target detection using tapping; 1 point), a serial subtraction task (3 points), and digits forward and backward (1 point each).
Language is assessed using a three-item confrontation naming task with low-familiarity animals (lion, camel, rhinoceros; 3 points), repetition of two syntactically complex sentences (2 points), and the aforementioned fluency task.
Finally, orientation to time and place is evaluated by asking the subject for the date and the city in which the test is occurring (6 points).

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So, Trump/anyone can go online practice it and ask to take the test? I don’t get it.

I heard on an interview examples of some of the questions, and they seem easy.

Also, has anyone said that he might have Alzheimers/dimensia?

Also, the doctor is not an unbiased party.

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As well shouldn’t the test/medical checkup be before inauguration?

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@KNOWITALL Thanks, that’s interesting. It still isn’t testing for the sorts of mental defects I think of when I think of Trump. The accusations I’m thinking of are more things like the psychiatrists who decided to break the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule” by publishing discussions of his apparent psychological issues, such as pathological and/or malignant narcissism, paranoia, sociopathy, and hedonism.

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@flo, practicing for a test like that is useless. The very cues the test is looking for, is someone unable to perform tasks due to brain degeneration which are simple for persons with a healthy brain. The test I took was almost entirely verbal, and lasted for over two hours. Some tests are shorter, if there is a specific thing they are looking for. I was tested in numerous areas of brain function and memory, because it was to discover just what areas and extent of damage I’d suffered.
If someone said “apple, sailboat, fish, rainbow” to you, then after a couple of minutes asked you to repeat those words back, you could do it easily, and there would be no point to study.
For those unable to complete the task, study would be of no help, because if they can’t remember four or five random items for three minutes, they would surely not remember the whole test for a couple of hours.
Some aspects of the test focus on memory, some on ability to sort by category, and so on.

If I took the test again now, I could do significantly better than I did. I don’t know how much of the damage was permanent. I still improve what I can handle.

So, there is no way to game the test, except to have someone else answer for you.

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@Zaku I don’t think many people in DC could pass the ‘a$$hole’ test you are referring to.

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Why did Trump say that that’s not him in the Access Hollywood tape, after he apologized already? He forgot?

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@Zaku And I would say that none of those people should be allowed into positions of authority, either. I support transition to a “mental-health-and-benevolence-ocracy”.

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I just went on the site and you have to register to do anything.

@Patty_Melt What’s the point of him taking the test then? Effects of head injury and Alzheimers, Demensia…. Is it like any ordinary person being asked in an interview if they’ve ever been a terrorist, and if they pass they pass, they’re in?

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There have been those who say age is clouding his judgement, that dementia is present and makes him unfit for office.
In regards to those assertions, passing the test proves them wrong.
I have no idea just how many tests they have which could address the many accusations out there. This is simply one point addressed.

Here is a totally fictional example:
Miss Weller applies to be a third grade teacher.
The school receives letters from anonymous senders. Some claim Miss Weller is insane. Some claim she has memory lapses which make her unfit. Two claim she has had contact with children of a sexual nature.
The school applies the test taken by President Trump.
It proves her memory is just fine.
There is still the issue of insanity, and the mention of sexual misconduct. Maybe they are true, maybe not. One accusation has been proved wrong. The others were not addressed.

I don’t know if other tests were given, but I know every U.S. President faces physicals while in office. We have to hope if the doctor involved becomes concerned over anything something would be done.

I have no idea how President Reagan finished out his term, as he was well along the Alzheimer’s journey.

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@Patty_Melt He said he apologized to his wife re.the Access Hollywood tape and lately he said that’s not me on the tape.

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I would not say that Trump is unintelligent (though he is willfully ignorant) or that he is mentally ill. He is just a mean, self-centered, bigoted, immoral SOB. Here is an article by a psychiatrist who says likewise.

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@flo, boy, some stuff… you know?
I can’t account for his thinking. Maybe it wasn’t him. There are lots of people who get paid to do voice work, oftentimes sounding like someone famous. Maybe it was him.
It is possible his apology was not because of what he said, but the fact that because of him, such a thing was being given airplay. It is crude, that is certain. If he did say it, clearly it was not intended for public airing, just a couple of guys bragging and being nasty.
When someone is about to go on air, it is common to have someone help them not be nervous. Sometimes it can get pretty rowdy, but it is intended to get them laughing or whatever. It is not supposed to air, even if they are on mic at the time.
The whole thing is confusing, but also blown way out of proportion. It all started with him wanting a tic tac, in case he kissed the actress. Bush ramped it up a bit, to which Trump responded with the comment how women allow a lot if a man is rich.
The whole coversation was innocent enough, though the language got nasty.
If you watch the tape, when they left the bus, he was completely respectable. He kissed the actress on the cheek.
This was not a man who was about to run for president, it was some guy getting ready to do a live shoot, blowing off a little steam first.
There are some wobble spots in the origonal copy, which could be sign of a doctored tape, but either way, it really wasn’t that big a deal. He made no claims on the tape, only commented that when you are rich, women will let you do most anything. In fact, just before that, he talked about hitting on a woman, and she shot him down. The big play he made on her was….
he took her shopping for furniture.
So, maybe it was doctored, maybe not, but it has definately been twisted around and given way more attention than it merits.

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@Patty_Melt No one sounds like his mom, or his lawyer….right?
Talk about pretzels.

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