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What are some uses for whey protein?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9290points) January 18th, 2018

As asked.

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Boosting protein intake, and thickening a smoothie; that is about it.

Oh, and making your tuffet bigger and draining your bank account.

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A milk substitute, like dry milk.

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It’s used in some recipes I know of for oatmeal, quinoa, and cream/cottage-cheese with fruit, to supplement the protein of the meal.

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When it comes to food products, there are more uses than you can shake a stick at. Whey is a cheap substitute for more expensive ingredients in so many products that you would probably be shocked- – cheap ice cream for example. If you’re not yet in the habit of reading the labels on packaged foods, I urge you to take up the practice. Believe me, it will be an education well worth the trouble.

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@zenvelo So, can it be used like cornstarch, to thicken sauces?

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Do athletes add it to their drinks, like milkshakes, to add protein to their diets?

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@2davidc8 Yes. It can be added to some recipes too, for example the ones I mentioned, and some others.

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Can it be added to things like milk shakes and ice cream, without cooking?

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