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Have you used a toilet paper seat cover?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13198points) January 18th, 2018

Do they sell them? I mean the toilet paper that you put on the seat for those scared to catch germs. What is the cover called?

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Colloquially, it is called an “ass-gasket”.

I have only used one a few times, when the seat was very questionable.

They are called “toilet seat covers” and you can buy them through Amazon and also at Wal-Mart.

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When the paper toilet seat covers are not available and the seat is questionable, you can fashion a makeshift one by using the toilet paper.

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“Seat cover” is all I’ve ever heard. Yes, I’ve used one, but as a male, I’m less likely to need to sit down in a public bathroom, and I avoid doing #2 in public bathrooms as much as possible, so it’s been a while since I’ve used one.

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At the place where I work these have special dispensers on the wall behind each toilet. (I presume; I can only speak for the men’s room toilets.) I almost never use them, but there was this one time…

With hundreds of people in the office, and the janitorial functions handled by an outside agency, from time to time the restocking of the bathrooms is delayed, and sometimes the toilet rolls aren’t replaced as soon as they need to be. So… the stalls can run out of paper from time to time.

Normally I check first, but one time I found myself in a stall without any paper on the roll, and I was already committed; I needed that paper! So I pulled a couple of the seat covers, ripped them up and folded the paper to make do.

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Years ago there were a few occasions when the public toilet looked a little dodgy, in terms of cleanliness, so I squatted on the toilet seat.

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I’ve used them.

They are called ”[paper] toilet seat [paper] covers” (the word “paper appearing in either place, or not at all), and yes “they” sell them, where “they” refers to many different places – office supply stores and other large suppliers of general goods.

Free link to Google search results:

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No. The few times I’ve tried those things they always work horribly. Regular toilet paper is much better. I’m surprised to hear this is not the practice of the majority. I even put paper on my toilet at home.

@zenvelo Ass gasket – I’ve never heard that before. HIlarious!

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I have never used an ass gasket and, as far as I can tell, have not suffered any negative consequences.

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Me either @rojo. I never “hover” either.

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