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Do you like mayonnaise?

Asked by Kardamom (30084points) January 18th, 2018 from iPhone

When I was a kid I couldn’t stand mayonnaise, or worse yet, Miracle Whip. The scent of either one of those condiments would make me start to gag.

In my early 20’s my tastes began to change, and a whole new world of flavors opened up to me. Both with regards to things I previously disliked, and with things I’d never dared to try, and even with things I’d never heard of before.

So now I like mayonnaise just fine, but there are other foods (including condiments) that I like even more, such as a wasabi infused aioli, or an earthy seedy mustard.

What are your thoughts on mayonnaise?

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Yes, some places even Miracle Whip.

I use it for grilled cheese instead of butter, for a crispy chicken I slather the bird with Mayo then put on spices, BBQ ribs for holding the rub on the meat and peanut butter, raspberry jam, salami, cheese and Mayo on sourdough rye.

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I’m in the American South. Mayo is on everything.

In Europe, they eat it on fries.

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There is a restaurant that makes burgers, both beef burgers and veggie burgers, with peanut butter and mayonnaise, along with the pickles, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, and it’s actually quite delicious, even though it sounded terrible when I first heard about it. The menu even had a blurb saying that everyone loves it after they try it. Glad I tried it.

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^Everything but the PB works for me.

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Yes I love it when it is fresh.

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I like high-quality fresh mayonnaise. I like the kind Trader Joe has with the gold lids and white labels. The “Hellman’s / Best Foods” typical decent mayo I think is ok but I don’t like it as much, and would not use as much of it.

I don’t really like it straight, but in tunafish, sparingly on a sandwich, or in a recipe such as making an aioli sauce.

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When it comes to mayo, I like Sir Kensington organic.

But I prefer Follow Your Heart organic vegenaise.

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@Brian1946 I use Veganaise at home. It is surprisingly good.

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I prefer salad dressing. Never was big on mayo.

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I had a burger today with extra mayo. Was good.

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Makes my skin crawl.

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Yuck! Smells like sweaty armpit and feels very greasy in the mouth. Might be just be.

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not as an entree.

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Yes, as a condiment. Mayo is one of the greatest food products ever conceived by man.

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Yeah. I like it OK. However, we only have Miracle Whip in the fridge.

And I only like mustard in 3 things: 1) Hot dogs, 2) Potato salad 3) Baked beans.
Other than that I just say NO to mustard.

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Yes, I like Miracle Whip Light but only use real mayo in a few things. I also have an obsession with hot sauce, like Franks, I use it on scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, etc…yummy!

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It’s an abomination.

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Gag. Ever seen Undercover Brother? That is how I feel about Mayo. Just thinking about it makes my face squinch up.

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I love that movie for its take on supposed stereotypes black folks inflict on whitey—like that supposed obsession with mayonnaise. Remember when word reaches the “Brotherhood” that UB is actually dating “White She Devil” how the entire male staff bombard the hero with such questions as “do the carpets match the drapes?

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want some fun? go to youtube anddial up UB mayonnaise.

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@stanleybmanly UB is such a great movie in so many respects.

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Only in certain circumstances, but more oftan than not, ehh…

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I’m on a couple of food based forums, there was a similar question on one of them. One of the members mentioned they had found a jar of Duke’s in south east Kansas (he was born in the Charlotte, NC area and had not seen any Dukes since he moved 7 years ago to Kansas. It’s a southern thing.

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Nyet, I do not like it. I never use it.

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^What condiments do you use where you come from? Just curious.

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“Khrenovina sauce” is a spicy horseradish sauce.
“Tkemali” like ketchup but made from sour plums.
“smetana” Sour cream

“Russian Dressing” . . . .

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I like Russian dressing. At least, the Kraft store bought version. The other two sound good too.

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Mayo is an universal food lubricant.

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