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Do you display pictures and other things of personal importance in odd places?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38854points) January 18th, 2018

My mom used to stick pictures all over her house in a really creative manner. She used to do stuff like this and this, so I do it too.

In her bathroom she had a large hand mirror. Over the mirror part she put a picture of a giraffe peering in at us. It was a picture I took when we went to a wild life preserve in Oklahoma. The animals are free. You stay in your car. But you pick up this mirror the first time, thinking you’ll see yourself reflected, but here’s this goofy looking giraffe! The angle was odd so he was slightly de-proportionated. Is that even a word?? LOL!

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My sister got an autographed picture of Ronald Reagan when she was an intern in a California Department and Reagan was Governor. She keeps it in the guest bathroom as the most appropriate place.

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I guess you can say that. I have little pics and
drawings the grandkids have done over the the years plastered all over our bedroom wall. Even some things my own kids made at school years ago. My wife just laughs it off and says I’m a packrat. I tell her no, just sentimental.

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An autographed pic of Ronnie Raygun (cue Republican Tabernacle Choir) would be useful in my romper room as a dartboard for kids. Or in an outhouse somewhere.

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I don’t know that I display anything in odd places, but some of the things I keep and display might seem odd to some. I don’t really care if they do seem odd, though. I like them, so they’re staying put!

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Put your kids’ best watercolors and crayon drawings in a frame with a thick beveled mat. They look like million-dollar Picasso paintings.

Cutting beveled mats is not difficult, All you need is a straight edge and an X-Acto knife.

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