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Any ideas for highschool jobs?

Asked by Melody12234 (101points) January 21st, 2018 from iPhone

I want to start looking for a part time job. I found interest in Best Buy, Target, Kneaders, and Gamestop. Should I go with one of these options or… do you guys have any ideas? I am 17, but I don’t believe most places will allow me to work until 18. So, please give me places that hire 16 and up. Thanks in advance!

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You can return carts for the large big box stores. You could be a street cleaner. For trash and whatnot.

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Lots of places will allow you to work, if you have a work permit. So basically any job that doesn’t require a lot of experience or education you don’t have. As long as you get a permit you are fine.

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Some fast food places will hire at 16 and up.

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Do you like dogs? You could become a dog-walker, someone who exercises dogs for owners without sufficient time to do it themselves. I’ve always imagined this could be a reasonably well paid job if you find the right clients.

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Lawn care (Spring is around the corner.) Many nurseries hire students to water their plants.

Animal shelter.

Pizza delivery.

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What are your thoughts on what your future career will be?

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The movie theater is fun.

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Movie theater is a great idea. perfect hours for a student.

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I worked at a movie theater and we had a lot of high school students. It worked well since we would need about 500 hours per week of labor at a bare minimum to keep running. However, if there is a new star wars movie we needed 20X that. So lots of high school and college kids that basically had the job for some extra cash. But not a huge deal if they only got a few shifts a week.

We hired lots of people in high school that had zero work experience. And as jobs go it is super easy compared to Burger King.

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Do you have a party supply store, like Party City?
Entertainment places for kids and families usually have positions for teens, like bowling alleys, skate rinks, arcades, go cart tracks, etc.
Places like video game rentals seem like they would be fun, but not so much.
Bakeries often hire teens.
You might check pet stores or animal shelters, if you like animals a lot.
Favorite hangout spots suck to work at, because you see friends hanging out there, and it is a bummer because you have to work.
Delivery jobs are not so great when you are a teen, because the insurance rates make hiring teens undesireable.
I worked at an Amazon warehouse for a while, and they had several teens working there. It is pretty simple stuff. You get a stack of order slips, and you pull the items on each slip from bins, and put them together to be packed for shipping. If you have something like that in your area, it is worth checking.

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Zoe keeper assistant ( in case they allow below 18) if you love to take care of animals.

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From the options listed, I would pick Gamestop first. Then Best Buy. I don’t know what Kneaders is.

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Busboy, clearing tables
Dog walker
Pet store

Ask if businesses will hire at 17.
Just keep looking, someone will surely hire you.

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What are your future plans? There are some career specific entry level jobs out there.
What classes are you taking this year?

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My son worked at Braums when he was 16.

Fast food and convenience stores.

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You can write a short story and publish on Amazon or Blurb.

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