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Can I eat survival freeze dried meals regularly?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24609points) January 21st, 2018

I like not having to go out side and am happy to have my meals shipped. I drink water and am starting to eat mountain house survival food regularly and I like it. What effects come from eating them regularly? They don’t seem to have much salt.

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You ought to see if the programs you are on will support you consulting with a nutritionist.

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@janbb I saw one last year it didn’t help.

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Try another dietician.

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I was reading a site that said that its safe to eat and only causes constipation.

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It’s not exactly the most balanced diet. I eat the stuff myself but when I do I’m usually hauling 25 pounds of gear and hiking 10–20 miles a day for a weekend or so. It’s calorie dense but not nutrient dense and is mostly carbohydrates. Good for short excursions into the wild or as emergency rations but not for day to day meals. It’s also expensive.

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What about mountain house Blueberry, milk with granola. Is it good for breakfast everyday? I ordered 14 pouches.

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Mountain House Blueberry Granola for breakfast is fine for eating everyday, if you like that sort of thing.

Like @ARE_you_kidding_me, I have eaten freeze dried food while backpacking and enjoyed it. But never enough to eat when not camping, it’s just not that flavorful.

And, I am surprised you can afford it! I guess Canada gives you a lot of money.

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Do you have access to a fridge and microwave? If you don’t want to cook it would probably be cheaper to find a person on craigslist to shop for you and prepare a weeks worth of food at a time for you.

Mountain House Blueberry Granola—- The fuck.. I could make you a tons of manicotti for what some of that costs. And burrito supplies and fuuuck. I bought a bag of ten frozen hamburger patties last night. Bought some high quality pre sliced cheese too. And buns and ketchup. Four patties cooking at a time for six minutes. Plop on some cheese until gooey. Do that a few times and stick in the fridge. Now it takes me 60 seconds to make a good enough burger. Bun in toaster, nuke patty and cheese, rock the fuck on to heart woes.

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Yes, you can. Remember those packs have specific missions associated with them and have specific caloric content. For example you might have 4400 calorie per day packs. That is fine if you are a 20 year old on the move. I know you are not, so if you insist on eating that make sure to eat half today and half tomorrow.

You are spending a lot of money needlessly. @johnpowell just gave you great advice.

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