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What should be my point of view About this girl?

Asked by SATISHKUMAR2610 (5points) February 8th, 2018

I and a girl met in primary school, we fell in love and wanted to marry after our school and college but because we were from different Castes and she got married n I too hot married and she almost faded my memory and after about 10 long years we met by chance and after spending some time I fell in love with her again because I was alone as my marriage had broken up. She told me that I was the only one who she always loved since childhood. I later realised that she already had a bf and she kind of did these things to me, she abused me like she was talking to me while she was having sex with her bf, she later came in relationship with my best friend while she was having her husband, me, her bf in her life because of which our friendship broke. Iam not able to take this pain that Iam going through in my heart, doesn’t even feel like living. She is happy and spending time with her bf and sharing everything about me, probably she may b saying that Iam not important to her and that he is so important to her and he is influencing every decision of her like she has to take permission from him if she has to meet, or meet him and have before she has to meet me. I feel like dying because this pain is something that I cannot bear. I am feeling that Iam lost and left alone. Please help by giving it advice.

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She does not owe you anything except thankful that you two shared a history of closeness.
Do you regret knowing her or not regret the time spent years ago.
Let her free to chose her life with or without you in it.
Meanwhile look for someone who is available and wants to spend time with you rather than pushing her by guilt feelings or whatever?
She may be ready or not to return to you, but do not wait but go out and meet others more worthy of your devotion etc
Sometimes one is only meant to have someone for a short while while others are meant for becoming a life partner.
Perhaps she is not to be your life partner at all or even at this time.
Let time pass and do not engage her in any communication as she is married to someone else and you should honor that commitment, as you would expect from your future wife to be?
Leave her alone and work on you reasons for not accepting the situation.
One needs to be mature before entering in relationships destined for marriage to accept all responsibilities required to maintain it.
She is not the one for you at this time, which leaves you open to meeting another more worthy.

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She sounds like a fickle woman, find a better one who will treat you better and treasure your love.

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What KNOWITALL said. Move on, not healthy to obsess on it.

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I don’t know it all, but I learned a lot in my 69 years.
Number one reason I answer these questions is to inform and help others.

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