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When Trump goes to campaign for 2020 or to help campaign for some politician who pays the bill? The GOP, or taxpayers?

Asked by Pandora (27816points) February 9th, 2018

Okay, so when candidates run for office, supposedly either the GOP or the RNC pay for all of it. Money which they get from donors.

So it got me wondering does the tax payer pay for Trump when he goes around campaigning? I mean it, means using Air Force One to fly around and then paying for rooms and security. No doubt it cost a lot more. And I get maybe doing that throughout the campaign year but between the cost of his weekend trips every weekend and when ever he feels compelled to do a feel good rally for himself.

I think it only fair the GOP reimburse tax money for him campaigning. After all. He was hired as president. Not a professional yearly campaigner and chief. If he wants to simply get a message out, he can easily step up to the press room and say his peace and let them know he’s not taking questions. Easy and a lot cheaper than flying all around costing tax payers 100’s of thousands of dollars.

Hell he can even go to Camp David every weekend. It would cost the taxpayers a lot less and he won’t be lining his own pockets every time he goes away for the weekend with tax payer cash.

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There is some overlap of taxpayer money that (at least in theory) is inevitable when a President is campaigning. For example, the expense of his secret service detail, and there are a bunch of other expenses that tail the President when he is engaged in non government business.

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@stanleybmanly Yeah, I get that. That is why I figure the tax payer ends up paying for all these additional yearly costs that aren’t necessary. I feel the Presidential cost should be estimated and a cap set for the year with the exceptions of maybe having to go overseas for some huge multi national meetings. But to campaign for 4 years or to go away every weekend is a horrible waste of tax money. I don’t believe I have ever seen a sitting President go out and campaign the very first month he got in office. They let what they do in office speak for them. If Republicans want this fine. Then their donor dollars should be used for this waste. But he’s using his office which is paid by tax payers to get raise money for the republican party for 4 years. And never mind the constant weekend trips when he could save a ton by him going to camp david that is already paid by tax payers whether it’s in use or not.

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@Pandora The short answer is that the campaigning…his time and speeches for example…are either paid for by him or someone else. The expense of his travel and security is on the Taxpayer. But I notice you are singling out the GOP and Trump. Is it only that it bothers you when it is that party? Obama campaigned basically for 8 years…stumping for himself and other candidates. And the same costs were paid for by taxpayers, not by Obama or the Dems.

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The rule is that the campaign (his or someone else’s) is supposed to pay for him on political trips. The fact is that the lines are very blurry, and there are lots of ways to game the system to make everything look “official” even if it’s not.

Second, even if Trump’s OWN expenses are paid, the Secret Service, Air Force One and other ancillary expenses are picked up by tax dollars.

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You think he will be able to campaign from prison?

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I am singling out the GOP on this because if a Democrat did one bit of what Trump does they would’ve had him ousted by now. He has clearly blurred the lines between his own personal profit. I know Government officials who can’t get a 20 dollar gift from a contractor or sell anything to a contractor where they would make 20 bucks, without getting fired. Yet, it seems everything Trump does is geared to making him money while in office, an the Tax payer pays the bill. Democrat of Republican. I don’t care. If you are doing dodgy things that make taxes go up to line your pocket you should go to jail. What makes him so special that he didn’t have to put his businesses in blind trust? What is he hiding in his Taxes?

I’m still pissed that the Rich got a handy hand out that they didn’t need and that the poor people of this nation will be the one’s screwed as our nation ends up having to borrow more money to make ends meet. Republicans weren’t even shy about why they gave them a tax cut. They openly said their rich donors said if they didn’t get this tax break they were no longer funding them. I’m not making this up. I watch the news. It came out of the mouths of several top Republican politicians. Their whole attitude is just shameful.

Heck even Paul Rand recently said they were being hypocrites. They use to be the fiscal conservative party (or at least they pretended), but now they are becoming extremely reckless and because there are no real boundaries or rules that they can be held too any longer, we will likely face a real financial crisis.

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@Pandora Unfortunately, that sort of thing goes in both parties. In fact, pretty much every president makes money, other than salary, on his fame. And it isn’t just GOP. Here was Obama:

And let’s not forget fundraisers:

It isn’t unique to one party. They all write books, charge speaking fees, etc. That is one of the things about people in power…they love to cash in on it. Many of our long term senators and representatives didn’t enter their positions as millionaires, but most are now multimillionaires. Ever wonder how?
By the rich getting a handy hand out, I’m assuming you are talking about the recent tax reform bill. I would suggest you might need to research that a little more. I know in the company for which I work, those tax breaks came with some strings. They could get the tax break provided they showed how they would use the break to benefit society…adding jobs, giving raises or bonuses, etc. And most of those changes help the poor you are so worried about. I personally see an extra $200/month in my paycheck due solely to the tax reform.
I tend to agree with Rand Paul on that. I don’t believe either party shows fiscal responsibility. To show total fiscal responsibility, they should actually audit each and every office in the government to look for duplication of services and waste/fraud. Eliminate all the extra. There is a budget for a reason…that is what is supposedly needed by the country to continue operation for the next year. Every year for as long as I can remember, that budget was already blown by March and Congress then starts doing the deficit spending. Congress is elected to control the purse strings. Yet they all play these silly games of driving the country deeper into debt because they don’t want to have to make the tough decisions.
People in this country need to understand that continued deficit spending is unsustainable. At some point the bill will come due. And people need to understand that every little thing they desire is not a guaranteed right. They are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, they are not guaranteed that the government will ensure they are happy.

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