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Do you see political undertones in the Olympics yet?

Asked by KNOWITALL (19562points) February 10th, 2018

As asked.

Additional thoughts or theories are welcomed.

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The two Koreans entering together, playing on a combined women’s hockey team.

Netherlands taking 1,2,3,in a speed skating event, and then fans holding up an anti-Trump banner.

Mike Pence being downright rude to the host country on more than one occasion.

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This is the first time I have rooted for Australia in the winter Olympics instead of Trumpland….

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I think @Majeed may be a spammer. This same answer was given in 75 different questions.

Yes, lots of political undertones. You know, I get the why we should not like N. Korea, but I think we owe it to South Korea and Japan to make a genuine effort to talks. Yes, they will not stop building bombs, but we have enough to blow up the whole planet. Maybe if we open the lines of communication Kim Un I think is someone to worry about but so is our President. Talking doesn’t mean you have to give in but maybe there may be tiny concessions that can eventually lead to mutual understanding and progress.

This administration doesn’t understand one important thing. South Koreans have family up North. They would like to resume communications with them. Its like when Germany split up. Germans on both sides were happy to be together again. South Korea would like an opportunity to close that gap. And Japan deserves a chance not to become cannon fodder for the United States.

But having the Olympics in South Korea was bound to become political at this time in History. I think if it was a few years earlier before nuclear weapons where being developed in N. Korea, then it would’ve been less political.

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When were the Olympics NOT political? This is expected and normal.

Look at the 1980 “miracle on Ice” when the US beat Russia in ice hockey. We (the US) played that up as if we had beaten the whole Soviet Union into submission.

When you have an event where 120 (?) countries, each a political entity, participate, you’re going to have political overtones.

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Agreed, feels inevitable that something will go wrong. And taking Otto’s parents? Wow. I will agree that we look like we’re antagonizing. And if Kim had hiz brother killed, I wonder how his sister is feeling, being his representative.

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Only in the figure skating when I see how lopsided the scoring can be. It is soooo what country are you representing and nothing to do with skill and talent.

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