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Will I go bald If I keep scratching the sores on my head? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13518points) February 12th, 2018

I’ve had itchy sores on my scalp ever since I was 12. I scratch them every day every hour. It feels good and I can’t stop.

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Scratching your scalp where it itches won’t make you go bald.

But having itchy sores on your scalp for 28 years means you have a dermatological problem of the sort that can make hair fall out, and my damage your follicles.

Go to a dermatologist and get it checked. They can recommend a shampoo that will clear up your condition in a couple weeks.

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@zenvelo Thanks the pharmacist suggested Selsun Blue. I bought it and will use tonight.

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Edit I used now used a third of a bottle. 100/300 ml

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@RedDeerGuy1 You only need to use 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls (5 to 10 ml) to a lather, rinse, repeat. so at most use 20 ml per day.

Using more will not do you any good. It’s just wasting money, literally down the drain.

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@zenvelo Sure I will cut back my future shampoo usage . I haven’t scratched yet since I showered with the shampoo.

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Whatever you use, RINSE YOUR HEAD THOROUGHLY. 28 years??? Are the sores the result of all the scratching?

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Sounds terrible! Is it psoriasis or what?

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Update: Doctor said that it might be allergies. I am using generic Benadryl in pill form. It helped. Thanks everyone.

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