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Problem with Hotmail (Outlook) can you give me some advice (detail inside)?

Asked by rojo (24118points) February 12th, 2018

Whenever I try to access a link from within Outlook it either bounces me to another unrelated email or just sits there doing nothing. I cannot connect. What have I done? Have I hit one of the top “F” buttons and screwed it up or is it an internal problem?
I have contacted Outlook but as of this evening they have not condescended to answer.

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Sounds like your browser not Hotmail. Have you updated the browser lately? ? ?

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I would also clear history (clear cache) for starters.

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Just to make sure, you mean going to and using the browser based email, not the stand along program Outlook, right?

If so, agree with @Tropical_Willie that it’s probably a browser issue. What browser are you using?

Make sure it’s up to date or try a different one.

If that doesn’t work there might be some sort of caching issue at some level, reset the computer and modem, it won’t guarantee a new set of info, but will at least request it and that might be all that’s needed.

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Thanks to all, I will give it a shot and see what happens. I was hoping it was a simple “you accidentally pressed F11 dumbass press it again and turn it off” solution but that would be too easy

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It sounds like your browser has been hijacked. Try running a full scan of the antivirus of your choice. And then maybe Malwarebytes which often catches stuff that others miss.

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Upgraded browser, seemed to rectify problem but ran a Defender scan and a Malwarebytes scan to be sure. Nothing came up in browser problemwise but had about 16 problems that could have been keylogger malware. Quarantined them. Seems great now. Thanks again for the solutions.

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just discussing here (as opposed to correcting, or disagreeing), but the only thing that made me think it wasn’t malware is that it stayed within the outlook site, malware will generally redirect you somewhere else. So to me that points to a problem with either URL interpretation, or some sort of non-standard link behavior within the browser. It’s definitely possible it’s some sort of malware, but it just seems like a gainless behavior for whoever wrote it.

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good point @funkdaddy. It did nothing but irritate me. No gain for the malware/adware folk.

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