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Do you have any sculptures in your house?

Asked by Jeruba (47753points) February 17th, 2018

Not little ceramic figurines of cats or cherubs, but not necessarily a 17-foot marble statue of Venus either. I’m just referring to some kind of art that’s three-dimensional (yes, I know that paintings are objects with three dimensions too; but I’m talking about physical volume as an attribute of the artwork)—either original or a reproduction, such as this or this or this.

If so, what are they like?


Tags as I wrote them: sculpture, art, statuettes, museum reproductions, original artwork.

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I have a few anime figurines. Original Dirty Pair and other misc. scantily clad or swim suit clad girls.

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I have a blown glass fish and ceramic swan.

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I collect masks. I probably have a couple dozen. They survived my floods, because they were higher on the wall.

Most are wooden. Some are like stone, or something.

I feel that we all wear masks. The artform is interesting to me.

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I have a 2.5’ replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace my wife got for me in Paris.

I also have an original sculpture of Don Quixote my wife got for me in Puerto Rico. It has muted colors and is mostly abstract. He’s about 2-feet tall.

We also have two ceramic venetian masquerade masks we got in Venice. They’re hand painted.

Does pottery count? We have a few nice pieces from China.

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A Nendoroid Tachikoma and 2 occult chalices.

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<sigh> Many years ago I had a small (14”) replica of Rodin’s Fallen Caryatid Carrying Her Stone. It disappeared during a move, by the time I noticed it was way too late to backtrack and find it. I kind of felt that that was when I started carrying my own (metaphoric) Fallen Stone.

ETA: Sorry about the past tense. But thanks for the reminder!

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A bust of Beethoven on the piano

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I have a small, vintage ceramic bust of the Virgin Mary that was handed down to me by my mother. I think her mother bought it on a trip to Lourds in 1958 (the year I was born.)

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My mother bought this sculpture for me after the birth of our youngest.

It fell and broke in two pieces. Broke my heart but I was able to glue it back together.

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That was recklessly dangerous. You should have called an ambulance.

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I guess I can’t answer with just a smiley face so I’ll have to add text. :)

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Our wedding cake topper like that @Aethelwine.

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We have a wooden carving of the Balinese Rice Goddess that we got from Bali on our honeymoon.

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I have a jin chan or Chinese money frog made of brass that is about 6” long and which I use as a paperweight.

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