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What would be your ideal cast for a movie about the 2015-2016 U.S election?

Asked by rockfan (9357points) February 24th, 2018 from iPhone

Here are some of my picks:

Helen Mirren – Hillary Clinton
Alan Arkin – Bernie Sanders
Steve Carrel – Ted Cruz
Matt Damon – Marco Rubio
Cuba Gooding Jr. – Ben Carson
Daniel Day Lewis – Mike Pence
Michael Keaton – Rand Paul
Glenn Close – Carly Fiorina
Stanley Tucci – Mike Huckabee

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… and Donald Trump playing himself…

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^^the only person good enough to play daddy is daddy himself

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^^ Does “daddy” have a beak?

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Meryl Streep as Clinton kind of seems a perfect fit…

I’m going to dig up Marlon Brando to audition for Trump.

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The Avengers as the cabinet with the doozers from fraggle rock as illegal immigrants. Or Trump as everyone.

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Tonya Harding as Hillary Clinton
Benito Mussolini as Donald Trump
Joe McCarthy as Ted Cruz
Sidney Poitier as Barack Obama

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Putin playing everyone would be confusing but apropos. Dub that shit Comrade Detective style.

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It would be a shitty Adam Sandler “comedy”, so everyone is played by Adam Sandler doing terrible voices, wearing bad costumes and crappy wigs.

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Ha ha ha, this is a fun question.

I have some picks, but I wasn’t able to complete the cast for all 17 other Republican candidates who ran against Trump. Maybe you guys can fill in the blanks.

Donald Trump: Michael Douglas

Donald Trump Jr: Charlie Sheen

Eric Trump: Leonardo di Caprio

Hilary Clinton: Diane Keaton

Barack Obama: Will Smith

Anthony Scaramucci: Ben Stiller

Melania: Fergie

Kellyanne: Brett Butler

Sarah Sanders: Sarah Gilbert

Mike Pence: Anderson Cooper

James Comey: Liam Neeson

Bob Mueller: Eugene Levy

Rachel Maddow: Jeaneane Garafolo

Ivanka Trump: Blake Lively

Carter Page: Woody Harrelson

Rand Paul: Neil Patrick Harris

Papadapoulos: Mark Ruffalo

Ben Carson: John Legend

Jeff Sessions: Leslie Jordan

Ted Cruz: Colin Mochrie

Lindsey Graham: Justin Bieber

That’s all I got.

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Oh ya. And Anson Williams as “The Mooch”.

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I would Like Alec Baldwin (if that is the correct one that plays him on Saturday Night Live) or I think an animal would do.

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