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Do you know anyone who just loves to argue?

Asked by speechie4eva (57points) August 15th, 2008 from iPhone

a friend of mine just loves to argue over the stupidest things. For example she once argued with me over where my own brother goes to college. Another time she argued with another friend of mine about where my friend went to elementary school.

Feel free to share any of your stories.

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I LOVE to argue, especially when i see that the other person is gettin really annoyed. i got kicked out of my math class because i was arguring with my teacher about Politics, but i dont think i should have been sent to the hall. My teacher was the one who started it and he was making stupid points that i just HAD to call him out on he brought it on himself. But ya i get such a joy and rush when i argue with ppl especially if i see i am really annoying them. :)

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haha I’m sure the argument you had with your teacher had a good purpose. If you argued with him over what he had for breakfast we may have a problem

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I hated his guts, if he gave me the oppritunity i would have argued about what he had for breakfast.

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haha you are funny.

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I have a list of those people.

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Well… I love to debate… Sometimes I’ll take a side that I don’t agree with and try to argue the points, just to keep a conversation going or to get others to see the opposition’s side even if they still don’t agree with it. Does that count?

I once had a friend who argued that on traffic lights, the green light is on the top and the red light is on the bottom. A few months later we were in the car going somewhere with my parents. My father remembered the argument and pointed out a traffic light to her. She insisted that we got in touch with the government and had them change it so that we would be right.

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debating isn’t a problem if you can accurately prove your points. Arguing over traffic lights is a different story.

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I can get my teeth int a good, meaty discussion.

Not much for people who “must be right” at all costs, though, which sort of seems to be the case with someone who argues about where your brother went to school.

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Yes. It’s called oppositional defiant disorder.

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I swore my oldest daughter would be an attorney! She chose instead to be a teacher where she gets to be the boss. She likes to win.

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@ Marina – I am going to have to argue with you on that. I don’t think you care for discussion.

I also think like a little go-around withe the “must-be-right“s at all cost of the world.

And I am pretty sure your brother said speechie4eva’s brother went to Stout.

My mother in law must always be right. Always.

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I’m the opposite. I have this “Peace at all cost” complex. When my kids still lived at home everyone always thought I was arguing with them because I was trying to get them to see the other persons point of view. I wasn’t on any “side” I was just on the side of peace, love, and harmony…...oops the hippie in me just slipped out again!

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Yes. I know several who have made playing devil’s advocate in to an art-form and favorite past time. I do at times too, but not all the time.

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My father (yes, you Nevada Old Guy!). He will argue about anything anytime for any reason. I am convinced that no matter what someone says, he’ll say the opposite just to be contrary.

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I wouldn’t have to argue if the other person would just realize I’m ALWAYS right!

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My friends Mark and Elayne went out driving around in New England and got lost. They
stopped at a gas station in a little town. This was back when gas station guys pumped your gas for you. Mark asked the local guy, “Where are we?” The guy
said, “Woodstock.” Mark said, “Oh. But what state?” The guy said, “N’Hampsha.” Mark, who was a professor, said, sagely, “Well, no. There’s Woodstock, New York, and there’s Woodstock, Vermont. No Woodstock, New Hampshire.”


The gas station guy said, “I see.”

peace at any price/avoid-the-loony

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yeah it’s called Mr. Or Ms. IKnowItAllBecauseTheWorldRevolvesAroundMe. :)

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Lefteh is right, I pretty much get off on it.

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@ninjax, are you buying my greasecar? no? ‘kay then, I’ll sell it locally. going, going….

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