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I don't think I fully understand what a Glasgow smile is...

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) August 15th, 2008

I have read that it is done with a credit card…but I am not sure how it works, does anybody have any idea?

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A Glasgow Smile is when the bound victim’s mouth his propped open by a credit card and their cheeks are slashed from the mouth to the ears, creating what could be perceived as an extension of a smile. Here is a potentially disturbing example.

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Ok, that was really gross…can’t say I wasn’t warned, though!

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I agree with lefteh, but there are different methods to it, that is something more of toucher, but as an ambush it is just done with a knife or box cutter and is quite sloppy. It is more common in the US for the second one, on the east coast it was something of a ritual to the Bloods on the east coast but on the west coast the Bloods were embarrassed by the east for doing such brutal acts to innocent people. I actually met a “famous” person from Glasgow with half of the smile, I should have mentioned that half is all they do if you’re not bound and are being ambushed. He appropriately addresses himself as Glasgow Ned, you can find his videos on YouTube, if you can understand the heavy Scottish accent you might find them quite funny.

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Why Glasgow?

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It originated in Glasgow.

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Here’s a little more info on the subject, I think the stabbing and kicking part is really messed up.

EDIT: Here are two links to the sorta same video, try to understand the first one before you watch the second which has captions.

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What the hell was that?

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(yup, that’s all I can say to that)

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This is a horrific practice in general….I just don’t understand why it is “limited” to Glasgow. Why, or how, has it not become more general…and why only a Glasgow thing is what I am wondering? I mean psychos are in every country….why is this such a Scottish thing? I am just curious about this and would hope it wouldn’t “spread”....just very curious.

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IT has spread though it is not that common, most people are a bit too sqeaumish. However, if you want an example outside of Glasgow, look up the Black Dahlia killing where the victim was also given a glasgow smile.

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