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When you broke up with someone, did you return to them a gift you had received from them?

Asked by kritiper (21085points) March 4th, 2018

What was the gift, and why did you return it?

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No, a gift is a gift with no strings unless it’s an engagement ring.

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Nope. And some of my fondest treasures are gifts I received from old girlfriends.

And I have never had an ex return any gift I gave them, and I would be a bit perturbed if they did.

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I throw out almost every ex’s gift. I kept these awesome bamboo shaped glass candle holders though…

I guess my grudges have limits…

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Yes, if I leave, I leave their gifts. I’ve left expensive boots, fishing equipment, all kinds of things.

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@KNOWITALL Any particular reason??

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When I’m done I’m done, and I want them to know I’m done. Plus I love hard and the reminders woyld be too painful.

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Anyone else??

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I still have the box my HS boyfriend made for me in shop class.

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@Dutchess_III Why did you keep it? Did you ever consider tossing/returning it?

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Because it’s useful. I actually keep all my high school memory stuff in it. My son made a similar box for me when he was in high school. No, I never considered tossing it or returning it. He made it with me in mind.

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@Dutchess_III Thanks!
Any more???

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I’ll explain my curiosity here:
I bought some gifts for a girl a knew years ago, and she kept them, which is all right with me because I would have no use for a real looking stuffed dog (she liked stuffed animals) and a jewelry/music box.
But Dad went to the fair with some girl in high school and won a cookie jar at some game thing and gave it to her. When they broke up, she returned it. A cookie jar!!! (It seems so insignificant!)
When the girl that I knew went our separate ways, it was sort of like friends, no big fight or anything…
Maybe Dad pissed this girl off bad enough that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him, not even a crummy cookie jar!

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Any more stories?? Come on, ladies!

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