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Would you kiss this woman?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) January 9th, 2017 from iPhone

You are a crowd sourced cabbie. You answer a call, and at the location, a luxury hotel, a young woman with looks better than an elite supermodel gets in.

There seems to be an instant chemistry between you, and she leans in to kiss you.

For the sake of this hypothetical you are a very attractive young adult male, dressed sharply, with oodles of charm, and an expensive german sedan.

Do you allow the kiss?

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She tries to kiss you after maybe 20 seconds…

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Waiting to see if anyone will answer “no”!

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Am I in a serious relationship?

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Sure. I’d kiss her.

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Would I kiss random women I don’t know and have only just met?
Let me rephrase that in my head… would I like to be charged with sexual harassment/ assault?


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German sedan? Forget it. No woman will kiss a man in a Volkswagen.

You should be driving the Jag or the Lamborghini.

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No, because I am gay in this imaginary scenario and joust not into her. Also, in this imaginary scenario, I have no lips. They were burnt off in an unfortunate birthday cake incident. As such, kissing is difficult.

“Make a wish” my ass.

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No, because I would wake up. I would let the dream carry on for a bit longer.

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No, she may have been eating tofu & i’m just not prepared to take that risk.

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No. I don’t want a std. Which is what I would get kissing a woman that easy.

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Yes, I would. That doesn’t mean I would slip her the tongue, or let her tickle my tonsils. But a quick kiss, even on the lips? Sure.

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nah, I would just swallow her whole.

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@ucme she may have been eating tofu alright…

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I would resist the temptation to kiss her, and gently enjoy the moment by touching our temples close together, and being quiet. I would listen to my heartbeat, and prepare myself to try to win a date.

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There’s French song about that, and it answers “oui”.

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I would almost certainly back away due to sheer suspicion. Luck is one thing, but that sort of luck would spook me out.

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I would expect my husband to kiss her….he’s not dead!
As long as it was just a kiss. I would do it if the table were
turned. It is a moment you wouldn’t forget.

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No way. It would be a trick/trap. To set me up and I’d never be able to run for president.

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