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Do you believe the north korean government is really going to cut back on their nuclear program?

Asked by YARNLADY (42326points) March 6th, 2018

This sounds lie fake news to me,

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I believe there was a diplomatic indication that they would halt tests of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles if the USA resumes diplomatic negotiations, and that they said North Korea “would not need to keep its nuclear weapons if military threats against the country were resolved and it received a credible security guarantee.”

That’s not the same as them saying they will do it.

If I were in NK’s position, I wonder what would satisfy me as a “security guarantee”, especially with Trump in office.

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Perhaps, perhaps if we got out of the middle of this the two sides could come to some kind of arrangement. Sometimes it feels like we inject ourselves into situations like this so we can justify our own empiric ambitions.

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I think Trump did exactly the right thing. Kim did some posturing. Trump made it abundantly clear he was not impressed. Now that Kim knows he won’t bluff his way into a dominant role, he is in talks with SK. Trump’s position added to those negotiations, because the U.S. is allied with SK. if north and south rejoin, who the allies and enemies are will be a major consideration. Nobody wants a pansy ass for a big brother.
Kim has a huge hunk of starving citizens. Tech is shrinking the world around him. He knows bullying and misinformation can’t work for him much longer.
A friendly alliance with a strong nation is important to the future of his people.
Kim is nuts, but he isn’t stupid. He is shopping for his best deal. That deal includes strong trade deals, but back up with balls is also important. That is why all the super powers cruise the waters with show of strength.
It is rutting season. So, kinda that makes Kim everybody’s bitch. He knows he’s going to be mounted. He’s just looking for the biggest, smelliest bull to do it.
Yes, I, Trump supporter, just called him a big, stinky bull.
Sometimes that is just what is needed.

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@Patty_Melt so what happens when it turns out this is just more of the regular NK bullcrap and Trump finds out he is on the shit end of the stick? KJU knows Trump is just a blowhard and is playing him, and us, in turn. And then it will go back to the way it was with them procuring nucular weapons (thats how Bush pronounced it and he is frum Texas) and us saying he can’t have them. If we are lucky and Trump doesn’t decide to start WWIII.

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Only to the extent that sanctions work and they can’t acquire the things that they can’t produce (for the weapons program), or to the extent that their economy continues to slow, and resources have to be diverted to forestall the inevitable revolution and overthrow of the government from within.

I doubt that North Korea will honor any other promises or laws other than the Iron Laws of economics.

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I wouldn’t take the N Korean statement to the bank. The Kim family is known for going back on their promises, and this is probably at risk of going the same direction. That said, it’s the most promising event in years. That doesn’t mean it will work,

I am not as fawningly enthusiastic about Trump as @Patty_Melt is – I think Trump didn’t do anything and the S Koreans have done the heavy lifting on this. So if anything, Trump is the lucky recipient of a couple of S Korean-motivated events.

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It is possible that the sanctions are having an effect. We will just have to wait and see.

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It means little. It’s basically saying “I’ll stop waving my dick around (for now) if you agree to sit down and talk about what I can get next”.

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No, hell no, and uh-uh too.

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of course not. They’ve consistenly reneiged or broken every promise made in the past 60 years. The only real advantage NK has on us is in our persistent gullibility.

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It is not the same as “fake news” which would mean that he really didn’t say it. It was reported in The New York Times as having been suggested by him and the South Korean leader. Whether he will really do it is certainly up for discussion but it is important to not label anything that might not occur as fake news.

I do think some detente has been struck between North and South Korea and that skillful diplomacy – which I’m not sure we’re capable of – might lessen tensions. I doubt that either side would get their demands met fully but avoiding a nuclear war would be worth striving for.

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What was suggested is not nearly what seems to be getting reported in the US media.

What is going on over there – the US needs to stay out of – and #45 needs to have his twitter-fingers glued to a stick,.

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Any cutbacks would be unrelated to diplomacy. Only research and development snags.

Yes South Korea has done the heavy lifting here. Trump taking credit for other’s actions is completely normal. Hopefully nobody is naive enough to think Trump had any effect at all….

Any halt of escalation, was clearly tied to the timing of the Olympics, and the commendable diplomatic efforts of South Korea.

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Here’s one of the New York Times articles on it today. I think it’s a hopeful sign. South Korea is pretty invested for good reason in defusing the situation.

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Not a chance.

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They just want more money, food and oil.
Here is a summary of negotiations with NK regarding missles and nukes.

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Trump has nothing to do with it.
Kim wants a face to face with Trump.
Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

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Trump the stupidest US president. Easiest to manipulate. Sounds like a good reason to be the first the regime will contact…

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On what do you base these assessments, other than your personal jealousy?

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LOL! Jealous? LMAO….

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Not really. It’s just possible he has all the bombs he wants. He probably was planning of just stopping for now because more wasn’t necessary. So he’s pretending to play nice just to have sanctions lifted. He probably heard from Putin how easy it is to get what he wants by just treating Trump special.
It’s Uns way to get Trump to bend at the knee.

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You people are funny, the stories you make up to suit yourselves.
I can’t wait until Trump gets reelected. Skulls of Fantasy residents popping all over.

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Everything. All of my opinions on Trump, are based off of his rhetoric, and behavior. Nothing is a story. It’s all straight from Don…

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